The shorts: All for you – Part 4


Later that afternoon, there was a knock at their front door. Usually the people that came to their house used the back door to the get assistance. Mpho opened the door and there was this woman who just stood there staring at him. A few moments passed and then she asked if his mom was home. He let her in and she started looking around like she was searching for something.

Their mom stopped dead in her tracks after locking eyes with the woman standing in the middle of her family room like she owned it; as she came in from the kitchen.
“So this is where my husband’s money went. You really put your vagina to good use and he just could not get over it. You really can shake it neh, where is he, where is my husband hiding? You milked him and now you left his kids without a father, and he just followed you to hell for this mixed bag sperms. What did you do with my husband and who know how many more families you racked to get this house and those two little bitches, at least him I know, but these two, I wonder. And oh yah I know about your business and how you spice it up to keep them coming back to this hell hole.”
The woman was stamping and throwing arms around like she was crazy.

Mpho had heard enough and took her by the hand and pulled her towards the door. He pushed her out and she fell onto her knees. When she stood up Mpho was still standing in the door. “Did that bitch of a mother tell you your father was a married man with four kids already? Did she, did she?” the woman was screaming so loud.
“Get the fuck out of our yard before I call the police. No one speaks to my mother like that stupid. And yes I know who my father is and he left you because you are a psychotic bitch and had had enough of your foul mouth. And guess what, he is coming back next week for his kids. He had just completed renovations at his new place. So get going; get the hell out of here and stay away from us stupid!”
Mpho creamed back and pushed her out the gate, he then lock it behind her.

When he got back into the house, he found his mother in tears on the sofa alone. He comforted her and apologized for all the noise. Koketso and Gontse were in Gontse’s room while she was packing, crying and swearing.
” This is why I never liked it here, I should have not came back, I am sorry sis but this has gone way too far .”
She phoned her boyfriend to come pick her up. Koketso cried the whole night after her sister told her she was never coming back. For the first time in her life, her family unit was really falling apart, all because of some strange woman. She has been around strangers all her life and never saw them as a threat to her family unit.


The shorts: All for you – Part 3

Koketso found herself drawn to the books in the office and as inquisitive as she was, she slowly started doing the exercises in them and enjoyed the challenge. Mr Meyer noticed notes left on his desk some times and some were in French. They had equations and pointers to some of the problems in his masters text books and some were answers to exercises.

Mr Meyer took Koketso home one day to talk to her mom about what he found on his desk. She was so scared out of her mind not knowing what she had done wrong. All she could think of was the workbooks she took from the storeroom without permission a month earlier, after hiding in the library all day after her teacher shouted at her for reading some novel that was not related to any school work.

Upon arrival, Koketso ran straight to her room and came back in tears with those books, which were for her grade’s next term work, and a big file on top of them. She was crying and apologising for not asking first for the books. She showed Mr Meyer what she did with them, and all her work was in the file; there were some improvements on some of the contents of the workbooks.

Lesego did not understand why her child was crying for doing her school work, what she did not realize was that her daughter had completed her whole year’s school work in just one term. Koketso had also written more examples of the work which were more fun and easy to understand.

But Mr Meyer was not there for that surprise, he showed Lesego the more complex equations that Koketso had done and they were from his masters degree text books which he brought along. He was busy explaining how some of his co-learners could not understand the work yet and her daughter who was still in primary school had solved them.

They watched Koketso go to her room again and returned with four more files. She told the two adults in the room that were looking at her as though she was crazy, that she only did those because she had nothing else to do and the work in the bigger books looked more fun than what she was doing in class. She showed them that she had also translated some of the work into French.Mr Meyer and Lesego were left white faced.

In May while other kids at Koketso’s school were writing their mid-year exams, she was writing her finals for grade 7, she was to start with grade 8 in the third term. Goitsemang was home at the end of her first semester, and their mom had organised a little family lunch to celebrate Koketso’s amazing talent. Lesego had closed her business for that day and it was just the four of them and they were happy to finally be alone as a family. Goitse was the happiest of them all and loved every moment she was with her mom.

The shorts: All for you; Part 2

For the next two week Mpho was frilled like a convict, and when he returned home he was as straight as an arrow and started helping his mom more around the house. Goitsemang was hardly home after writing her grade 12 exams. One evening while preparing herself to go out, her younger sister came into her room and sat on the bed and watched her attentively.

Koketso sat there for ten minutes without a word, then she asked her sister some innocent questions that lead to the big question and the real why she was there in the first place. Koketso was just 11 then but her mind worked like that of a 25 year old. She was very good with figures and enjoyed French more than any other additional language offered at her school.

Even with her big brains, she was taken aback by her sister’s answer to why she hated their mom. Goitse told Koketso that she did not hate their mother, but was embarrassed by her business of selling alcohol and always having to clean up after her customers. She also told her that she dressed in skimpy clothes sometimes because she hated how some of the customers looked at her and sometimes try to touch her bum.

Goitse said she wanted their mom to throw them out, but each time she brought it to her attention she never did. Goitse continued telling Koketso that all she ever wanted was for her mom to come to her defence, but instead told her that those men were the reason she had food whenever she opened cupboards or fridge. Goitse ended up crying so bad that she cancelled her plans that evening and locked herself in her room until the next day in the late afternoon, or rather early evening.

Mpho was still suffering from withdrawals and doing his best to hold it in and told his mom that he inhaled painted fuses by accident when she asked about his sick face. They kept the truth from his mom and he now had a mentor and good friend in his life. His performance  at school also improved and he cut out his old friends. He was home almost all the time and seriously studying. He passed his grade that year but was just an average pass.

Goitsemang passed her grade 12 with a university entry and enrolled to study psychology, it took her mom and brother by surprise but Koketso had an idea after their talk the other night. Koketso on the other hand was also doing well at school, she was in fact a star student at her school, but was always in trouble with her teachers.

She had a tendency of telling her teachers that she was bored in class and they were always forced to send her to the deputy principal’s office. In the time she spent in there she noticed chemistry books all over the office. Mr Meyer was teaching physics, chemistry and life science in grade 11 and 12, and was also studying his masters’ degree in science.

The shorts: All for you: Part 1

Lesego got involved with an older guy at a tender age of 14, she thought he was the answer to her freedom from her substandard living circumstances. Two days before her 16 birthday, she gave birth to a baby girl named Goitsemang. By age 21 she was expecting her third child, with no matric and no steady job.

Lesego’s parents had disowned her after the first pregnancy and now she was living in an informal settlement in a one roomed shack and surviving on government child grants and maintenance from her second child’s father. Goitsemang’s father was killed by his partners in crime. She did not have much but she got by with her kids.

As soon as her daughter started grade R, she decided to take her two year old son to pre-school, which was paid for by his father apart from the monthly maintenance. He had a wife and four kids and as expected, his wife hated Mpho, Lesego’s son, and his mother. She was always on Lesego’s case, phoning her at odd hours of the night, and calling her all kinds of names especially when it was time to pay for Mpho, and when her husband was not home at night.

In between their back and forth bickering with the wife, Lesego got an idea on how she could provide for her children better. It worked out and she was able to put a good roof over their heads, clothes on their back and food in their stomach. She built a 10 roomed house, her kids could wear designer clothes from time to time, and her youngest daughter Koketso was in a private school in town.

In her teen years, Goitsemang had become a rebel, and it was starting to rub off Mpho. Lesego was scared of her, Goitse had become a short fused diva, she would not help around the house and if she was not locked in her room, she would be out with boyfriend till the wee hours of the night.

Goitse was always on her phone and going around the house saying she was “in demand”. She thought she was the answer to all men, a goddess that no man could say no to. Goitse wore the tiniest outfit and when Lesego would ask her to put something else on or cover up, Goitse would be Goitse and not care who was around, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy… she just ran her mouth. She cursed at her mother like she was nothing.

Goitsemang would tell her mom that she had her time in her days and should just let her live hers how she saw fit. Goitse sometimes stayed out all night and only came back the next day in the afternoons, without her mother knowing where she was. Mpho was also starting to go off the rails, luckily Lesego’s lawyer caught him early even though it was by accident. He came over one evening to drop off some papers for Lesego and found Mpho passed out in the garage. He noticed his legs through a half opened garage door, and when he approached for a closer look, found Mpho laying on the floor breathing very shallowly.

He picked him up and drove off with him, and later phoned Lesego to inform her that Mpho was staying with him for a couple of weeks as he needed help painting the back wall of his yard.

Episode 23: Mom just wants to know

“So, my sweet baby”
“Oh ma, you should stop calling me that now, especially now that I am my own woman. Ha ha! I see your face, you thought I was going to say man ha ha”
“Whatever! Anyway, what I wanted to know is that, now that you have been exclusive with this guy for a year now, how far do you plan on taking this?

“You do know we met two years ago right and I became sleeping beauty for half the time right ma.”
“Ya ya come now, I know you my girl, you and your high standards, does he meet them all or most of them? I see that you have invested a lot in this guy, not just in him and you as lovers but also in his business, is it even making enough money for you to can leave your current job and take on a job of being a wife and mother?”

“Talk baby, be real with me now.”
“Okay ma, like you have seen that he is from a good family and is well educated and has been doing good with his business even before my inputs, he is good to me as well, and we work well together not just in business but also in our relationship, as far as I can tell. But as for being a wife and mother, no I am not yet there, yes money is good but those things are not just about how much money one have.”

“Okay so does this mean I should not change my work schedule anytime soon, just to take care of little Letlotlo?”
“Ma! You already have a name! I am not yet there ma not yet there, and I don’t think I want to get married. We are good just as we are, you know I love my space.”

“Okay baby just take care not to stretch yourself too thin for someone that is in it for the wrong reasons, I don’t want to see anything happen to you. Oh enough about that, here is to your next 12 months with your man.”
“Thank you ma and I really love your support always and thanks for looking out for me. I love you.”
“I love you more my sweet little baby girl.”

Sipho was taking her mom home after her and Vuyo’s anniversary party in Mabopane, that was hosted by Vuyo’s older brother. Vuyo was behind them with his parents, they dropped of Sipho’s mom first in Mamelodi where she left her car and joined Vuyo and his parents to drop them off in Dube, Soweto. The two love birds were in bed ata Sipho’s by 04:00am.

Episode 22: Lovers and partners in business trips

Mpho was happy for her friend to finally let someone in and stay. She was more surprised when in the third month of officially and publicly dating Vuyo, Sipho asked her and her boyfriend Gopolang to a weekend away in December just before Christmas.

Vuyo was a nervous rack when he was invited to church on Christmas day, by MmaSipho and for a braai four days after Christmas. He almost burned the meat and it was thanks to his older brother who stepped in and took over the task. His brothers were still making fun of him going to church years after his confirmations.

That day in church he so wanted to hold and be with Sipho but her mom just would not allow it. She even made sure Sipho spent the night with her, just to see how many times Vuyo would phone and how long the calls would last. She had such fun playing monster mom, and she made up for it four days later with that braai.

Siphokazi was back to her old self again, full of life, smiling and blushing alone when ever Vuyo crossed her mind. Things were looking up, she added to her already long list of qualifications, started enjoying time off work, just to spent more time with her wonderful sexy man.

They were slowly climbing up the list of those ‘it’ couples in the business world. She bought 30% into Vuyo’s business by buying out some partners and investors. To show her commitment, she worked on some projects with him that took them all over the world. While also marketing her firm on the side, it was that ‘killing two birds with one stone’ kind of trips.

Both businesses benefited and the couple grew more and more close. Sipho surprised her whole firm when she turned down a promotion with reasons that she wanted to enjoy life and see what the world was like without work. They all thought she was going to take up the offer that Vuyo made her of working with him full time, but she also turned him down.

Vuyo is taking Sipho on vacation

It is time to shake things just a little bit this month, so please pay attention.

I will be taking Sipho and Vuyo on holiday for a while, but I will not leave you with no entertainment. In their place I will be posting two short stories of a combined 8000 word give or take.

They will be in posts of 500 to 600 words each, again Monday to Friday between 15:00 and 16:00 C.A.T. The first story you have already came across bits of it and I am hoping you will love the full story as much as you did the others.

All this will start on Monday 06 March.

I am so looking forward to your interesting views on my corner of the world. I really do appreciate the time you invest on my blog and I hope I am on the right tract to giving you the best ROI every time. All the best to you all, keep writing and sharing pieces of your world.

It is the end…

I hate the end of the month in South Africa, not the 15th of the month, which is a month end for most government employees, but the dates 25 to 30/31 or in this month 28 of each month.

25 is mostly for those working in the mines and 30/31 is for the rest of those employed in other sectors. I hate it because of what it does to my fellow country men in their frantic search for money saving bargains and the endless need to have hard cash in their hands. What I hate the most is that most are broke two day after payday.

This is what I experienced while living in Rustenburg for three years, where mine workers are so over indebted to the point that by day two after payday, they are already at the doors of loan sharks that are scattered around the town and those informal ones in the living quarters, villages and townships.

It pains my to see how a hard working black men have nothing valuable to show at the end of their service life because of the constant chase of booze, fancy cars, designer clothes, private schools, latest smart phones, black tax which by the way is the long term legacy of the poor management systems of both the previous and the present government policy implementations, if you don’t know what I am talking about, ask any black person with a job and a poor family background, and everything else that do not give them that comfortable old age lifestyle.

It is really painful to see how poorer they become with each day they wake up and give their lives to the other men for him to become far more richer than is he could count. It pains me to see how the single mothers of some of those men’s children queue for hours to receive a small piece of the tax that these hard working poor men had paid. YES the rich also pay tax and I really hate those that have found the back doors to not paying tax.

No one likes paying tax but the only honest way to not pay it is to die. The end of the month brings with it the rush to comply with the politics of our stomachs and also the means of how we are going to numb the agonizing thoughts of waking up each day just to get that temporary high of the balance in our bank accounts of numbers that are more than two digits reflected in them.

But worse of all these is those people with two items breathing over your head in line at the super market at this very time of the month, as if you don’t have anything better to do except wait in that long queue with you over flowing trolley. You turn around and looked at what they are in such a hurry to pay for, and it is a bottle of soda and a chocolate bar, really… and you are here breathing like a lion giving birth.

The only reminder I have in my house that it is month end is the envelop on my TV screen from my pay-tv service provider, I really avoid the rush as I am afraid of crowded places, this is made worse by my claustrophobia. My father taught me that I only buy things that my pocket can afford with his way of paying cash for what he wanted and had planned for, for months. I do the same with my groceries, I buy what I know I need for the whole month without bothering with where they say it might cost me 50c less.

The shop hopping for me makes no logic, as I see it to be more time consuming and money wasting to get into a taxi just to go get a 50c off from something I know I really need like roll on. The amount of petrol and waiting in that queue just does not add up for me I am sorry.

But for now all I can do is have hope that my two year old nephew will know better by the time he gets to know experience the high of payday and the meaning of paying tax.

Be the inspiration to those that inspire you

Earlier last year I had a friend whom I showed a piece that I had been working on and was having trouble with second guessing myself as usual, so I asked for her opinion on it. She give me pointers that I realized that I had but did not put in with the piece, they somehow managed to hide in my story folder.

That then gave me the boost I needed in that moment to go ahead and distribute to the group I was helping with samples of writings, that they were going to act out in their class. My friend then gave me something that she had, it was a poem and from that I wrote a short story of just over 2000 words in 90 minutes.

She was amazed not only be how easy I made that look, but also by the knowledge I had about the place that she based her poem on. We both became each other’s inspirations, and she started taking her love of writing poems up again. She had stopped for some time because of a friend she thought was a good person and a mentor, took off with her work and publish it without her permission, under his name and took all the credit for it.

My friend never saw anything from her hard work and the guy, so that made her not to trust any person with her work. I consider myself lucky to have come across this lady and we shared those words, sadly she moved to another part of Gauteng and we have not kept in touch about writing. My bad I am that horrible with keeping up with people that only phone you back if you phone them first.

Relationships are like investments, you both need to keep putting equal time in, in order for it to grow and give you both good returns. I have a very short concentration on anything that I don’t get a return value on. I am that bad, this include family members that always expect my out stretched hand to reach theirs which is by the way always in their pockets.

But I am grateful to have been given that chance to be an inspiration to one person in my life and that inspired me to push myself even more. She got back into writing poems before she moved and the one that she showed me, was all about her husband and how his name is a big deal and not just a name.

I was again so proud that from forcing my sister to come with me to Abantu book festival last year December, where she got to attend poetry sessions and two were by Lebo Mashile, in the first she was the host and the second on Sunday she performed, and from that my sister wrote poems once more. Something that I last saw when we still shared a bedroom in our teens. The so called poem I wrote for her after we talked and she told me how EMPTY she felt because of the momentary circumstances she was in at the time.

That was very first attempted at poetry and when she finally read it, all she could say was it was so empty and loved it, and I was more happy seeing her wearing her big smile once again. Not only was it all about those that were close to me but I got a long distance mentor that I came across on Facebook, and discovered she was also on WordPress, and we kind of share similar things. LadyLebz is my virtual mentor and her posts really inspire me to keep doing what I am doing and to the best of my abilities, I am learning the journalism side of writing from her and I own thanks to her. She did tell me that I too do inspire her in the way I am able to just put it out there like I do.

It is such little gestures that keeps me going, how do you keep going in your world?

Episode 21: First romantic fight filled with nightmares

OMG! Here we go again, that road less travelled but envied by so many.

The ‘not important’ box just emptied some hidden contents, that one thing that she could not put her finger on came out, conjured by that voice that always left her looking like a fool. Smiles and tears were all over her in a rush, but Sipho managed to pull herself together and pull a straight face.

“How dare you! You only want to see me when I am back on my feet, but all that time that I needed you the most you where no where to be found. Do I look like something that you could just…just…”

“That you could just do what? Out of words again I see? I seem to have such an effect on you hah? Anyway it has been a whole year seen you last saw me and that is how you welcome me and talk to me? Where do you think those roses came from, your secret admire or the guy that almost caused you your life or the last one that broke your heart?”

He was slowly approaching her with something between a smile and a serious face. She had not had the time to think of how to brush him off, before she was in his arms and they were kissing. That evening Vuyo tried to get her to say what was on her mind that made her to loose focus on the road that day, but Sipho brushed him off and changed the subject each time, or said that she has memory loss.

He heard her call out some name in her sleep but could not make out the name, and she told him that she did not know what he was talking about when he asked her. That continued the whole week he was with her and he decided to record her one night before waking her up. Sipho did not believe that the person she was looking at on that recording was her. They both agreed that should she remember anything he will be the first person that she would tell.