Who was I before you came into me.

I was simple and easy going. I was proud of my full round pot belly, enjoying being beaten by the hot African sun all year round. Being at harmony with those that came before you, because they understood me.

They understood the balancing act, the love act between us. We were one with each other. Then you came along with your hard penetrating thing. It didn’t take you long to convince those you found here that your hard thing was good.

Good at penetrating my full round pot belly. I remember your first penetration, you tried to go in fast and hard but you underestimated me. You did not think I was going to fight back, and boy did I put up a fight. You lost some of those you came along with and that made you rethink your approach.

You perfected your smooth talking skills and got the people around me to start doing your dirty work. Your dirty work on how and where to penetrate me easy and they did break me.

You got in and got what you wanted and just when I thought you were done, you just had to have your way with me and you broadcasted to the world how you had conquered me and my pot belly.

You all wanted a piece of me and since I was already broken, I had no choice but to give in and give up my pot belly. Over the years I have become so easy to be penetrated.


What does Rev. TD Jakes, ISIS and Pres. D Trump have in common with your blog

Wait! Wait! Wait!

I am not talking religion nor terrorism.

I am talking about…

Firstly ask yourself this, why did you react the way you did when you read the headline?

We all want what they do, with each post we put out into the world. We want a reaction, a bigger audience with each post and for people to follow us and want to know more from us.

We want our followers to talk about us online and offline, everyday till they meet our next post, which they have been waiting for in high spirits.

Asks any author about what they want with each book published, and they too want the same thing.

Now ask yourself these;

  • How do these institutions above capture so many people’s attention when ever they are mentioned or they speak or act?
  • How do they retain so much followers, who keep coming back for more and are that loyal?
  • What is it that their followers talk to others about, that turn them too into followers?
  • How did these institutions get as big as they are today?

Yes I keep referring to all three as institutions even though the other two are individuals. I do that because even those two have become bigger than just the individual at the centre.

A lot might now want to know the answers to the above questions, but I will not give them to you, it is up to you to ask yourself and find out. We have been so spoiled with all these ‘how to’ lists that are everywhere, which makes us lazy to think for ourselves sometimes.

We expect answers on every one of them, but most are too general to be relevant in your present space.

I can bet you that all three institutions read and do research all the time about everyone, especially their non followers.

Is that not what we do before we post in our niches?

Tell me what was the one aim of your last post? Let me know maybe some of them might influence my next post or another. Did you achieve your goal?

Not for the love of money

Hey there good people!

Some of us that were given the chance to have books all around us, we sometimes take it for granted that there are those that did not. We see reading material all around us, but it does not mean everyone can read it.

Even for those that do want to read, their limited monetary abilities do not allow for more exposure to these reading materials. This is why I am taking my short stories to Facebook on the first Wednesday of each month at 11:00am C.A.T

But for February it will be on Monday 13 at 11:00am C.A.T and I am looking forward to engaging with you all. I am doing this to get young South African people fall in love with the written words like we did and still are loving it.

Most people in our country find books too expensive and out of their reach, they associate them with the elite and rich, and when they are on social media, they do not engage with a lot of inspiring things.

My aim is to get them to see reading as another avenue of socialising on any platform. Stories are not just in books and TV but can and should be everywhere, and with the amount of fake news dominating these days, we need some entertaining fiction just to rest our brains from reality.

So Monday is a date and I am so excited about all your comments, questions, likes and shares. See you soon, lots of love all round!

Waiting in anticipation

My dearest beloved followers,

I take this moment in your busy schedule to apologise sincerely for the late posting of Episode 7 in the Daily drama today. As with any technology, sh.. happens, and it did today at the most crucial hour.

I appreciate your great support and I also extend a warm welcome to all those that have just come on board and all the visitors from around the world. Thank you for investing your time in my little world and I hope the ROI is worth it.

Oh yes I just discovered the ‘spam bank’ and please forgive me if one of your comments parked there, it was not by my doing that I did not respond to any of them. I just did not know they fell in there, oops.

Please keep those comments coming and I would like to know more of what is on your mind.

Come again soon.

Reading builds writing

This cannot be preached enough in a day of any writer, student or teacher. Even a 80 year old professor still keeps to it. No matter what industry you are in, if you want improvements in your life, READ.

Here is a personal confession of a professional to her supervisor that she cannot write, and his simple advice that worked for her to achieve greatness.

@PartridgeAfrica’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/PartridgeAfrica/status/828936523257098240?s=09

STOP selling yourself short

When you are shopping and you have to pay for something that costs R20 and you have R50, you expect R30 back right? But then why is it that a lot of us has this mentality of selling ourselves at R20 and worse when a customer pays with R50 we still give them R70 back?

That maths does not make any sense right?

Last year I attended a book festival in Soweto and some women sat behind me and started talking about how they found Soweto and their experiences around the place, in the few days that they had been there.

One was from Bloemfontein and the other was from Nigeria. And from what they saw, it was a totally different scene from what they had been hearing from news and people talk, about the place. They found Soweto to be far more advanced and beautiful than the mental pictures they had built in their imagination, all these years of hearing about Soweto.

This ‘oh we are poor, we don’t have this or that, we are not given this or that, blah…blah…blah’ state of mind, is really destroying a lot of opportunities that might have come our way.

Imagine if an investor heard that we don’t have malls in South Africa, they take all their money and resources and come here to build us mall, only to find that we got tons of them, what do you think we look like to that person? They are going to take their money back and never come back because they would have found us to be such liars and false sales persons. And there, opportunity gone just like that!

Our leaders are always trying to sell South Africa to the world, as the place to be and do business, but we the majority of the citizens, just keep selling ourselves short. We have painted such a negative picture in so many people’s minds that when they get here, they feel lost and confused.

The world expect, the worst damp, and uneducated people, but that is not what we are or what we have. We have schools, banks, world class universities, businesses and even inventors all around us, but yet we are not putting our best faces, fronts, foot or what ever they say, forward.

We have so much to give the world, but we are failing to do so because of the picture that we already had given the world about ourselves. Tell me this, do you go to an interview in your ‘yard cleaning’ clothes just to show the potential employer that you are poor, or do you put on the best formal clothes you have, or might have borrowed, for that ‘first impression count’ look?

We need to change our mind set about ourselves and our country and paint a better picture for the world to see. When the world comes here, let it see that we are capable of so many good things, that we do not dwell on the negatives in our lives, but we strive each day for the best we can do and give.

South Africa, we are far more pleasant than we have given the world. We are capable of so much more. So let us start selling ourselves at the right price and give back the correct change. Remember that we are what we think of ourselves and not what others think of us.

Breach of contract

In business we enter into contracts daily, and if one party fails to uphold their end of the contract, we sue or go to court for one thing or another.

Why is it that in the biggest breach of contract in life we just settle for even an I.O.U note?


Do we ever look over the promise that we exchange in-front of the whole world?

Number One: The big one that we all hear, ’till death do us part’, when did it say till divorce?

Number Two: ‘Forsaking all others’, where does it say till I cheat?

Number Three: ‘For richer or poor’, where did it say should you loose your job I leave, if you don’t make such an amount of money I leave?

Number Four: ‘To honor and respect’, where did it say turn you into a punching bag, sex slave/toy, maid, baby making machine?


Where in that contract did it state that one of us has to change their name and take on the other’s?

Where did it state that we have to have off-springs?

When the contract clearly states that we become one, why then do we come with our own sub-contacts of the so-called ‘pre nup’?

Why is it that after the so called settlement, you don’t sue for pain and suffering, because the whole thing caused one so much pain, time, money and suffering?

That for me is the worst breach of contract in history.

Feel to add to the list.


Word count

Some writers obsess over word count, while others are more about quality of the word they put out in public, which one are you?

How did you count this January?

When you started blogging this year, was word count your top goal? Did you achieve your target? But did you remember to include those you wrote on your note book, social media like twitter, Facebook or even just comments on any site?

How important is word count?

Sometimes bloggers rush to put a lot on their blog, but does it reach what you hoped it would? Even a ten word post can get more traffic than a 1000 word post. Give your audience good quality reads, so that they can spend more time on your site.

What I did this January

I enjoy writing short stories, and this January I expanded to this blog. I tweet, I take notes from the books I come I cross, I listen to radio a lot and get lots of ideas from what people share on those shows, and make notes. The hosts of those shows also enjoy books, so I expand my vocabulary from what they say sometimes, and I write them down. I listen to kids playing and sometimes they make up very interesting and unusual words, and I take note of them.

So how do you think I did this January from all these activities?

How did you do? What are you doing to increase your word count?

Simple ways to enjoy your 50s

  • Stop having babies when you are 30

Think about it, you are dealing with your own difficulties of menopause, why would you also want to deal with a 15 year old teen-tantrums? When you had your child when you were 30, they will be 20 and out of the house, hopefully, when you turn 50.

  • Accept your partner as they are

By this age you should know how to not react emotionally to every stupid thing your partner does. You have been with this person for long enough to know when to let go of small staff, and enjoy each other, with all that comes with life.

  • Money; Is either you have or you don’t

If you are still trying to figure out your retirement plans, where have you been, what were you doing in your teens? Retirement starts when you turn 16, you don’t plan here but are contributing each month into your retirement fund account. You start asking around about it when you turn 12.

  • D I F Y

Do It For You, what ever you do from here on, it’s for your own fulfilment. Start a new hobby that will keep you fit and engaged with your surroundings. Go on holiday for as long as you can afford to stay there. Buy the most expensive perfume and flirt more with your partner, for your own amusement.

Don’t take life too serious at this age, you have been eating for 50 years for peace ‘sake. Love your floppy body and drink a lot of water. Above all LOVE YOURSELF!