Parents teach children to be bullies

When a child is born, he does not even know his mother’s face and yet that mother can decide what that child is going to eat in the next two hours after taking the first breathe. A mother who cannot even tell you what is inside that powder that she will mix with water to feed the poor child. If you ask her to drink the same so called milk, she will refuse saying that it is for babies and she is a grown up. Why is it that you deny this child what nature intended for him? We are mammals and the first food our children have to know is the warm breast milk like all the other mammals.

Then comes the solid food stage, and the faces the adults make when feeding the child, will also make you to not want to eat those foods. What does a train have to do with food? We forget that we have been reading to and showing these kids all sorts of colours, but now we want them to put some dull thing we claim to be food, in their tiny mouths. We get angry and frustrated when they do not want to eat the dull mess, and all this time we show our emotions and all in-front of them. We act surprised when they see food, they act out, we taught them that meal time is fight and frustration time before they turn a year old.

They get to school, we go back to our rat race, and in our hurry to everything we teach them to eat in a hurry, we even have things called fast food. How fast are they, 100m in 9 seconds fast? Where are these food going in their hurry? They are so fast, they pass through your system in minutes and you have to go chase they again. If we took a space of 1m by 1m and planted food with our kids, they will learn that good food are not in any hurry. They will see the seed turning into a plant then bearing food, all that in at least 14 weeks, not call and 20 minutes later pizza is at the door.

We sometimes turn meal time to question, argument and storm-off sessions, with our kids looking on and learning. Learning that food time is fight time and we say we do not know why our kids are bullies at school, home and towards their veggies and fruits. We say kids don’t want to eat, but have they seen you eat what you tell them to eat, yourself? Let us stop our bully mentality towards food and give our kids a fighting chance to be good food lovers. We had our chance, let us not destroy our children’s chances of a good life starting with breast milk. It comes from a source so close to the heart, that one can even say it is filled with all those loving heart beats that the child was used to hearing when they still in our wombs.