Traditionally, a pulamolomo is considered to be a token of respect and humility by the family of a man who came to ask for a woman’s hand in marriage. This normally could be anything from cash, tobacco, alcohol or a combination of them all, depending on what the woman’s family see appropriate. All this happens before even basic greetings are exchanged, sometimes even just to be let into the yard of the prospective bride.

Pulamolomo is said to be the ice breaker of traditional wedding negotiations across many of South African cultures.

But here at Pulamolomo in words I turn that on its head and instead use words to start long lasting conversations. I aim for Pulamolomo in words to be the ice breaker and conversations starter across generations, with topics that are said to be uneasy to talk about.

The main objective of Pulamolomo in words is the elimination of illiteracy one paragraph at a time, that can start a conversation that will change a part of someone’s life for the better.

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