Responsibility, who is accountable?

finally my problem decided to give me a smallanyana break and let my do this now, fingers crossed

Ijo this is a 1031 word post, please bare with me.

Almost daily now this year, some road somewhere in our country is blocked off in the early hours of the morning by some protesting communities, unhappy people because of some acts by the leadership of our country.

We have a democratic government in our country and we are know it is the government for the people by the people because it is the people who make the choice of who they want to govern them for the following five years. Be it in national, provincial and local/municipal spheres of government.

But what I ask most times is, how is it that we are told that we made the choice of who is to lead us, where as the politicians are the ones within their parties that force the their chosen person down our throats and say we have a choice at the ballots

How is that democracy?

This past few weeks if not months, we saw again the lives of the most vulnerable and those that depend the most on our government to look after their interests and put them above personal gains, be mistreated and put in a state of continuous anxiety yet again. Over 17 million people who depend on South African social security agency are in a state of panic and anxiety as no one is giving them straight answers as to whether they will be able to put food on their tables come April 1st.

Is it going to be the biggest April’s fool the world will ever see?
But who is going to be laughing at who’s expense?

Our very own president, Mr J Zuma just last year showed us that he was above the law, and now those that are loyal and following him, followed in his very footsteps and did the same yesterday, they all disrespected the orders of the highest court of our land. They are so loyal to him, they follow him blindly, and forget that they are not accountable to him but to the nation. But what is to be expected of the ruling party that has smallanyana parties within itself that are fighting all the time.

Our constitution is so beautiful, one of the things it had guaranteed in it, is the one man one vote policy, something that was a dream to all black people in this county. With that right comes the responsibility to choose someone that has the best interest of our country above all else. Those elected in government are expected to serve selflessly and to the best of their abilities.

But do they?

We see it each day the game of diketo they play with the lives of South Africans, acquire as such as possible from those in the field of play for as long as you have the upper hand, and do not pay any attention to those that start to call you out on your cheating ways. Do not be bothered by the smallanyana player that finds it overwhelming that they trusted you to play fair and take turns for all to have a chance to acquire some part of the game.

Our leaders seem to take pleasure in changing the rules of every game they enter into to always give them the advantage of getting away with so many things that none wants to bare any responsibility for. We choose them with the hope for change, but soon we realize that change by their hand is just an illusion.

Most black people choose the same leaders or rather the ame ruling party not out of loyalty to their ways, but loyalty to the fear of ever being ruled by the minority white. Their past experiences of the lives they lived in those days still plays a big role in how they make their choices come elections. It hurts them to see their loyalty be paid back with more misery.

If this is a government by the people for the people, how are we responsible and accountable to ourselves?

Who is responsible for not having the means to make meaningful changes in our country?
Do we as citizens know the powers within us or do we still see ourselves in that unhealthy relationship of ‘ya bass’ and because they give un something we might as well just keep them in-charge? That little is taking us no where fast and we will forever be slaves to our leaders no matter their external colour.

Each individual has to take responsibility of the choices they make and be accountable for their actions, no matter how little they think of themselves or how big for that matter. But the choices should be that of our own making and not those forced upon us by others. Our leaders are playing games with our lives, we know that by now as they have shown us time and time again.

What are we as citizens doing about it for our nation building better tomorrow?

Complaining is simple, as we have been told time and time again, how are we going to unite, forget skin colours and t-shirt colours, and come together to build our country as best as we know it could be? Clearly our ‘imposed upon us’ leaders forgot about us the people and thought through their pockets and stomachs.

We can do better, I know we can

March 21 is human rights day in our country, how many of us will be drinking and eating and for a moment forgetting all those who are still in the grip of anxiety over where their next meal is going to come from?

Who will account to them and take responsibility of causing us all the mental issues that are brought about by all this worries, because with anxiety comes depression and all kinds of negative thought about one self worth?

How many hearts are going to stop come 1 April, either from the disappointment or the relief?

Are we even going to know about them, or will they just be ruled out as natural causes?



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