The shorts: All for you – Part 4


Later that afternoon, there was a knock at their front door. Usually the people that came to their house used the back door to the get assistance. Mpho opened the door and there was this woman who just stood there staring at him. A few moments passed and then she asked if his mom was home. He let her in and she started looking around like she was searching for something.

Their mom stopped dead in her tracks after locking eyes with the woman standing in the middle of her family room like she owned it; as she came in from the kitchen.
“So this is where my husband’s money went. You really put your vagina to good use and he just could not get over it. You really can shake it neh, where is he, where is my husband hiding? You milked him and now you left his kids without a father, and he just followed you to hell for this mixed bag sperms. What did you do with my husband and who know how many more families you racked to get this house and those two little bitches, at least him I know, but these two, I wonder. And oh yah I know about your business and how you spice it up to keep them coming back to this hell hole.”
The woman was stamping and throwing arms around like she was crazy.

Mpho had heard enough and took her by the hand and pulled her towards the door. He pushed her out and she fell onto her knees. When she stood up Mpho was still standing in the door. “Did that bitch of a mother tell you your father was a married man with four kids already? Did she, did she?” the woman was screaming so loud.
“Get the fuck out of our yard before I call the police. No one speaks to my mother like that stupid. And yes I know who my father is and he left you because you are a psychotic bitch and had had enough of your foul mouth. And guess what, he is coming back next week for his kids. He had just completed renovations at his new place. So get going; get the hell out of here and stay away from us stupid!”
Mpho creamed back and pushed her out the gate, he then lock it behind her.

When he got back into the house, he found his mother in tears on the sofa alone. He comforted her and apologized for all the noise. Koketso and Gontse were in Gontse’s room while she was packing, crying and swearing.
” This is why I never liked it here, I should have not came back, I am sorry sis but this has gone way too far .”
She phoned her boyfriend to come pick her up. Koketso cried the whole night after her sister told her she was never coming back. For the first time in her life, her family unit was really falling apart, all because of some strange woman. She has been around strangers all her life and never saw them as a threat to her family unit.


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