The shorts: All for you; Part 2

For the next two week Mpho was frilled like a convict, and when he returned home he was as straight as an arrow and started helping his mom more around the house. Goitsemang was hardly home after writing her grade 12 exams. One evening while preparing herself to go out, her younger sister came into her room and sat on the bed and watched her attentively.

Koketso sat there for ten minutes without a word, then she asked her sister some innocent questions that lead to the big question and the real why she was there in the first place. Koketso was just 11 then but her mind worked like that of a 25 year old. She was very good with figures and enjoyed French more than any other additional language offered at her school.

Even with her big brains, she was taken aback by her sister’s answer to why she hated their mom. Goitse told Koketso that she did not hate their mother, but was embarrassed by her business of selling alcohol and always having to clean up after her customers. She also told her that she dressed in skimpy clothes sometimes because she hated how some of the customers looked at her and sometimes try to touch her bum.

Goitse said she wanted their mom to throw them out, but each time she brought it to her attention she never did. Goitse continued telling Koketso that all she ever wanted was for her mom to come to her defence, but instead told her that those men were the reason she had food whenever she opened cupboards or fridge. Goitse ended up crying so bad that she cancelled her plans that evening and locked herself in her room until the next day in the late afternoon, or rather early evening.

Mpho was still suffering from withdrawals and doing his best to hold it in and told his mom that he inhaled painted fuses by accident when she asked about his sick face. They kept the truth from his mom and he now had a mentor and good friend in his life. His performance  at school also improved and he cut out his old friends. He was home almost all the time and seriously studying. He passed his grade that year but was just an average pass.

Goitsemang passed her grade 12 with a university entry and enrolled to study psychology, it took her mom and brother by surprise but Koketso had an idea after their talk the other night. Koketso on the other hand was also doing well at school, she was in fact a star student at her school, but was always in trouble with her teachers.

She had a tendency of telling her teachers that she was bored in class and they were always forced to send her to the deputy principal’s office. In the time she spent in there she noticed chemistry books all over the office. Mr Meyer was teaching physics, chemistry and life science in grade 11 and 12, and was also studying his masters’ degree in science.


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