The shorts: All for you: Part 1

Lesego got involved with an older guy at a tender age of 14, she thought he was the answer to her freedom from her substandard living circumstances. Two days before her 16 birthday, she gave birth to a baby girl named Goitsemang. By age 21 she was expecting her third child, with no matric and no steady job.

Lesego’s parents had disowned her after the first pregnancy and now she was living in an informal settlement in a one roomed shack and surviving on government child grants and maintenance from her second child’s father. Goitsemang’s father was killed by his partners in crime. She did not have much but she got by with her kids.

As soon as her daughter started grade R, she decided to take her two year old son to pre-school, which was paid for by his father apart from the monthly maintenance. He had a wife and four kids and as expected, his wife hated Mpho, Lesego’s son, and his mother. She was always on Lesego’s case, phoning her at odd hours of the night, and calling her all kinds of names especially when it was time to pay for Mpho, and when her husband was not home at night.

In between their back and forth bickering with the wife, Lesego got an idea on how she could provide for her children better. It worked out and she was able to put a good roof over their heads, clothes on their back and food in their stomach. She built a 10 roomed house, her kids could wear designer clothes from time to time, and her youngest daughter Koketso was in a private school in town.

In her teen years, Goitsemang had become a rebel, and it was starting to rub off Mpho. Lesego was scared of her, Goitse had become a short fused diva, she would not help around the house and if she was not locked in her room, she would be out with boyfriend till the wee hours of the night.

Goitse was always on her phone and going around the house saying she was “in demand”. She thought she was the answer to all men, a goddess that no man could say no to. Goitse wore the tiniest outfit and when Lesego would ask her to put something else on or cover up, Goitse would be Goitse and not care who was around, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy… she just ran her mouth. She cursed at her mother like she was nothing.

Goitsemang would tell her mom that she had her time in her days and should just let her live hers how she saw fit. Goitse sometimes stayed out all night and only came back the next day in the afternoons, without her mother knowing where she was. Mpho was also starting to go off the rails, luckily Lesego’s lawyer caught him early even though it was by accident. He came over one evening to drop off some papers for Lesego and found Mpho passed out in the garage. He noticed his legs through a half opened garage door, and when he approached for a closer look, found Mpho laying on the floor breathing very shallowly.

He picked him up and drove off with him, and later phoned Lesego to inform her that Mpho was staying with him for a couple of weeks as he needed help painting the back wall of his yard.


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