Episode 23: Mom just wants to know

“So, my sweet baby”
“Oh ma, you should stop calling me that now, especially now that I am my own woman. Ha ha! I see your face, you thought I was going to say man ha ha”
“Whatever! Anyway, what I wanted to know is that, now that you have been exclusive with this guy for a year now, how far do you plan on taking this?

“You do know we met two years ago right and I became sleeping beauty for half the time right ma.”
“Ya ya come now, I know you my girl, you and your high standards, does he meet them all or most of them? I see that you have invested a lot in this guy, not just in him and you as lovers but also in his business, is it even making enough money for you to can leave your current job and take on a job of being a wife and mother?”

“Talk baby, be real with me now.”
“Okay ma, like you have seen that he is from a good family and is well educated and has been doing good with his business even before my inputs, he is good to me as well, and we work well together not just in business but also in our relationship, as far as I can tell. But as for being a wife and mother, no I am not yet there, yes money is good but those things are not just about how much money one have.”

“Okay so does this mean I should not change my work schedule anytime soon, just to take care of little Letlotlo?”
“Ma! You already have a name! I am not yet there ma not yet there, and I don’t think I want to get married. We are good just as we are, you know I love my space.”

“Okay baby just take care not to stretch yourself too thin for someone that is in it for the wrong reasons, I don’t want to see anything happen to you. Oh enough about that, here is to your next 12 months with your man.”
“Thank you ma and I really love your support always and thanks for looking out for me. I love you.”
“I love you more my sweet little baby girl.”

Sipho was taking her mom home after her and Vuyo’s anniversary party in Mabopane, that was hosted by Vuyo’s older brother. Vuyo was behind them with his parents, they dropped of Sipho’s mom first in Mamelodi where she left her car and joined Vuyo and his parents to drop them off in Dube, Soweto. The two love birds were in bed ata Sipho’s by 04:00am.


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