Episode 22: Lovers and partners in business trips

Mpho was happy for her friend to finally let someone in and stay. She was more surprised when in the third month of officially and publicly dating Vuyo, Sipho asked her and her boyfriend Gopolang to a weekend away in December just before Christmas.

Vuyo was a nervous rack when he was invited to church on Christmas day, by MmaSipho and for a braai four days after Christmas. He almost burned the meat and it was thanks to his older brother who stepped in and took over the task. His brothers were still making fun of him going to church years after his confirmations.

That day in church he so wanted to hold and be with Sipho but her mom just would not allow it. She even made sure Sipho spent the night with her, just to see how many times Vuyo would phone and how long the calls would last. She had such fun playing monster mom, and she made up for it four days later with that braai.

Siphokazi was back to her old self again, full of life, smiling and blushing alone when ever Vuyo crossed her mind. Things were looking up, she added to her already long list of qualifications, started enjoying time off work, just to spent more time with her wonderful sexy man.

They were slowly climbing up the list of those ‘it’ couples in the business world. She bought 30% into Vuyo’s business by buying out some partners and investors. To show her commitment, she worked on some projects with him that took them all over the world. While also marketing her firm on the side, it was that ‘killing two birds with one stone’ kind of trips.

Both businesses benefited and the couple grew more and more close. Sipho surprised her whole firm when she turned down a promotion with reasons that she wanted to enjoy life and see what the world was like without work. They all thought she was going to take up the offer that Vuyo made her of working with him full time, but she also turned him down.


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