Episode 21: First romantic fight filled with nightmares

OMG! Here we go again, that road less travelled but envied by so many.

The ‘not important’ box just emptied some hidden contents, that one thing that she could not put her finger on came out, conjured by that voice that always left her looking like a fool. Smiles and tears were all over her in a rush, but Sipho managed to pull herself together and pull a straight face.

“How dare you! You only want to see me when I am back on my feet, but all that time that I needed you the most you where no where to be found. Do I look like something that you could just…just…”

“That you could just do what? Out of words again I see? I seem to have such an effect on you hah? Anyway it has been a whole year seen you last saw me and that is how you welcome me and talk to me? Where do you think those roses came from, your secret admire or the guy that almost caused you your life or the last one that broke your heart?”

He was slowly approaching her with something between a smile and a serious face. She had not had the time to think of how to brush him off, before she was in his arms and they were kissing. That evening Vuyo tried to get her to say what was on her mind that made her to loose focus on the road that day, but Sipho brushed him off and changed the subject each time, or said that she has memory loss.

He heard her call out some name in her sleep but could not make out the name, and she told him that she did not know what he was talking about when he asked her. That continued the whole week he was with her and he decided to record her one night before waking her up. Sipho did not believe that the person she was looking at on that recording was her. They both agreed that should she remember anything he will be the first person that she would tell.


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