Remembering you

You are my rock, my propeller, my water and food

Thank you for not being that junk food though. I have found my church in you

I love falling in love with you each day I open my eyes

I love feeling powerless with each one of your touch, the lightness that comes over me when we kiss

You are my church

I am flying, I am woman, I am alive, I am loving

Loving you feels so natural like I was born to love you

You were born to love me too

We please each other with such ease

I love how your hairs stand when I go down to your…

And how you make that high pitched sound when you are pleased

Pleased and filled with the love that we share

That we love giving to each other each night we go down of each other go in and out in and out of each other time after time before laying breathless next to each other

Breathless in each other’s arms, breathless looking into each other’s eyes as if to see how far our love has gone inside each other

I love loving your ways of turning each day to an episode in our lives that I will remember for life

The heat of your body at night when I run out of dreams puts me back to that peaceful sleep

I love loving my Mo with all his small crazy gestures of showing he can be romantic too, to some they might come out as stupid but I still go gaga over them, the notes he leaves on my pc each night for me to find in the morning when I come to interact with the world


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