Episode 20: Three red roses

Siphokazi remained in a coma for six months, each day her mom found on fresh rose next to her bed without a note as to where it was from or from whom. Vuyo heard about her accident on social media during his flight to New York on another business trip, and was only able to come back six weeks after the accident.

When Sipho regained consciousness, the first face she saw was that of her therapist, but she did not know who he was, where she was, who she herself was or what had happened to her. She did not even remember her own mother. The doctors reassured them that it was temporary and with therapy she could regain her memories, but to what extend they could not say.

The next ten weeks were crazy, she had to learn how to talk walk and feed herself. Vuyo never came to see her in hospitals; there was always a fresh rose next to her bed each morning she opened her eyes. Over the Christmas holidays, her mom and Katlego’s family were with her at her house, but she felt that she was missing something but could not figure out what it was.

This feeling went on for a while, and like all the other things that took up her time unnecessary, she placed it in one of the ‘not important’ box in her brain. She went back to work in July and the red roses did not stop, they even multiplied from one to three. Sipho found one on her doorstep each morning as she stepped out to leave with Mpho for work, the second one on her table at work and the third on her bedroom balcony after work.

They were starting to annoy her because they did not have the regular rose scent, but that of something which kept on bringing up ‘that thing’ that she was not able to put her finger on. That thing that she thought she had boxed in some part of her brain somewhere back there.

This went on until September when one evening after work she found rose petals going from her doorstep to the garden. Her unexplained stomach feelings and chills down her spine came rushing over her again.
“Hello there stranger, how do you do?”



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