Episode 19: The big bang

Siphokazi always got very emotional when thinking about Katlego and wiped her tears off as another motorist hooted at her for not keeping to her lane on the road. “Oh my God, what am I doing, where am I?” She looked at the time and realized she had been on the road for only 20 minutes, and had already been called to order by other motorists twice.

Her phone rang over the car stereo;
“Hi ma, did I forget something?”
“Oh no my child, I was just checking to see if I did not make you late. By the way, are you coming back here tonight, I have some people coming over this afternoon, so I was wondering if I will have to make them leave early?”
“Can I come back to you about it later today please? I have a meeting after lunch and I don’t know how long it will take, it’s big ma.”
“It’s okay my baby, don’t stress about it and concentrate on your big deal, go get them my girl. Oh yes before I forget, I am going to work from tomorrow until Saturday, which will be a half day, so please make sure that my driver knows because I did not have a clear schedule the last time I was with him. You know how grumpy Mr Langa can get when I don’t tell him these things, as if he has anything better to do than run around with your car,”

“Ma! But I think it’s because you blew him off and his ego is still bruised.” They laughed about it and said their goodbyes, and Sipho realized that all that time on the phone with her mom, she only moved a distance of three cars. She played with the car radio to keep her mind from wondering off again, which reminded her of the game she used to play with Katlego when they were on one of his family road trips to pass time.

That did not help the situation either, in fact it took her right back where she was trying to avoid going. Sipho could still hear the gun shots in her head when she heard tires screeching and a big loud BANG! and it was lights out for her. She was hit by an oncoming truck as she was avoiding a bus that was stuck on the side of the road, but was still covering half her lane.

She was not that far from her office and some of her co-workers saw the whole incident. Sipho was rushed to hospital and had sustained very serious injuries and the doctors were not sure how she was still alive. Mpho was the first person to notify MmaSipho of the accident long before Sipho was in the ambulance.


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