There is no excuse worth wasting your time

I feel like such a coward.

I have failed you this week and there is no excuse big enough to explain my failure. I promised to deliver an episode a day and this week I only managed three instead of the usual five.

I feel like I am one of those bankers who keep rejecting your loan application after you have invested so much of your time gathering all the necessary documents and making sure they are all in order. This in the time you took to follower my writing and the anticipation of what comes next.

I have in the past mentioned in passing that I have some medical limitations, where my body decides when it want to corporate and when not, but still that is no excuse. This was the longest week of 2017 so far and I learn how valuable my time with you all is and yours with me.

I am not proud of what I did to you this week but I am proud to say that in the middle of all the pain I had a light bulb moment, so be on the look out for the surprise gift in your inbox soon. That soon will be mid March, and I have swallowed my pride and asked for help.


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