Episode 17: Mom always knows

The day went by very slowly for Sipho that Monday, her mind was all over the place, was it the fun she had over the weekend or was it someone in particular. Anyone who had ever, I mean EVER been in love, that kind of love that melted even your dad’s heart you know, ya and it does not happen for everyone though, could see that Siphokazi was in LOVE.

Her friends and some colleagues noticed a change in her aura, but thought it was the break away weekend that caused the change and made no big deal about it. Sipho decided to make a pit stop at her mom’s after work and found her preparing to go to bed and sat on the chair next to the bed.

She did not waste time with small talks as usual, before she comes clean with the real reason she is there, no, this time she came out straight with her strange question. It was strange to her mom because even with her teasing Sipho all the time about finding someone meaningful to share her space with, the question was not expected like this.

“Ma, what does it feel like being in love or loving someone without any motive, is it even possible for such a thing to happen in these days?”

Sipho asked while looking at the ceiling with her hands on her head, her mother did not like it when she put her hands like that, but that evening she just let it pass. She did not reply Sipho’s question but asked her to read one of the stories in the book she enjoyed a lot.

It was a collection of fictional short stories that she found could resonate with a lot of real life around the township. It was titled My distant path, by TM Book Galleries, written and printed by a young woman she met in church, who was giving copies of her work to kids in the confirmation class, some two or three year before. The story was of the same title and left Sipho in deep thoughts.

“I knew there was a reason for you to just come here like this without phoning first to check who I was with or even bring some crazy food I don’t understand, for us to try. Who is he that has gone into that hard head and cold heart of yours and left you confused like this my baby?”

Sipho stood up and went to the bedroom patio and laughed out at the top of her voice, came back in, looked at her mom and passed to go make tea. Her mom could hear her talking and giggling from the kitchen.

“Are you that serious about him or have you lost your mind over another one of your so called sex relievers”

Her mom continued politely as she received her cup of tea, but all Sipho did was smile and blush and swallow words every time she looked at her mom.


Sipho’s mom had not seen that look on her daughter’s face in her adult life, not since the day Sipho came home from school, back when she was in grade 8 anyway.

She recalled how blooming her daughter’s face was on that day, it was about a boy Sipho had always wanted to talked to but was unable to say a word when he was around her. That day he finally said hello to her, though she did not reply. Sipho’s mom knew even this time, that it would be a while until Sipho let her in on the big discovery, but she knew there was a good man involved.


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