Episode 16: What a girl got to do

Siphokazi turned and looked at the blue sky and smiled, 15  minutes later she followed Vuyo upstairs, and made her bed then proceeded to the other guest bedroom to change the sheets.

She went back to her bedroom, took a shower and got ready for work, after deliberating in the shower whether to go or not. When she went to check on Vuyo, she found him in his underwear and an unbuttoned shirt. Their eyes met for a moment, followed by that awkward silence.

It was as though their hearts were talking to each other, and the heat that their bodies produced, could light up the forest. Sipho felt her throat getting dry but she was not thirsty.

“You should have told me that you were not yet decent, I could have gone to the next room to open the windows there first.”

She turned to look at wall pictures, but it was really to hide the obvious expression on her face of how much she wanted him. Sipho was being tortured like this because Vuyo insisted that they take things slow and get to know how to please each other better, hence the separate sleeping arrangement.

She left to make herself another cup of coffee which she did not really need. When she turned after pouring the whole mug in the sink, Vuyo was standing behind her. He touched her with the tips of his fingers, from the top of her shoulders to the tips of her fingers, then took her hands in his and blew both with his warm breathe. All the while gazed right in her eyes, she held her breath like it was the last thing she owned before dying.

He said his goodbyes and left her frozen at the sink. He had just started his car, when she breathed out.


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