My child is your child

We all have heard that it takes a village to raise a child…

When last we you that village?

We see the rot in our societies daily, and we complain about it in our homes, at work in social circles and social media. All these are our ‘safe’ environments, where we feel we won’t be judged or expected to be different because the people in these circles share the shame views.

Would you go broke if you took your one hour a week and read to children that you see playing in front of your yard?
You know that I am at work until seven at night, and my kid comes home at the same time with yours, and will be alone all those hours, until I come home. You still are going to let him invite those big boys in and turn a blind eye when they start smoking, yet go to church on Sunday pray and worship, then gossip about how a failure I am because my son is now in a gang?????

You start pointing fingers at me when the crime rate increase in our area, saying that black parents don’t have time for their kids and are always out drinking and socialising while their kids are causing trouble. Because of the colour of my skin, you told your kid not to be associated with my child, and now that my child has those that did not judge him and gave him as sense of belonging, you say he is a criminal.

Was it going to be such a big deal if you had invited him into your yard and let your child share resources with him, to can build his self confidence, so that he does not see the need to fit in, in any group that came along and made him think he is not worth?
You are one of those resources, your moral standards, your life lessons and experiences and just being a caring and loving adult.

Now that you had labeled my child, should I now just pass yours by when I see him being bullied in the streets, by his very own friends, the ones you have in your mind that are good for your kid? Little did you know that it was my child who asked me to go for a drive around that corner, for me to can do something about the abuse your child was always getting from his so called friends.

Level the playing field

You and I were denied the chance to compete using our given abilities without the other have a material advantage over the other, but we have the chance with our children now to reverse that and give them a chance to start on an equal footing.

My hard hustler’s mindset and abilities combined with your material advantage can be put to a better use for our children to can compete on equal footing. With that achieved, our village will be even better when we sing the same song to all our children, ‘Love and respect each person the same as you do yourself.’

If I love my child and want the very best for them, and you do the same for yours, why is it that we as adults, see it fit to keep putting the best resources out of reach of others, and turn around and complain about them when they do whatever it takes to get to those resources? Yes they did that to get our attention to the fact we are a failed village.

We can do better

If we can put down our walls of insecurities, fear of the unknowns and the feelings of being inadequate, and put our heads together to build our village back up again, in which my child is your child…
Don’t you think that we stand a better chance of overcoming most of the daily challenges we face?

When my child is your child, we will all care about what they are exposed to each day and what kind of future we would like for them to have. We will strive each day to make sure that they all get the best of us, and where I or you cannot reach, one steps up and fill that gap, for the benefit of a better future for all our children.

Are you still going to be one of those that say their village ends where the wall of their yard end?


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