It is no longer about you

When he chose to leave that regular vagina at home and chase a strange one, don’t start selling yourself short and blaming your changed body shape. It is by his own doing that he lost the one thing that was a constant and comfort in his life, and the best thing that propelled his life to where it is now.

She chose to go with that guy because her mind told her she was not good enough for you, not that you were not good enough. You made sure her bed was warm at night, she did not have to worry about where the kids were and if they ate on time at night, you did all and it was your best at the time.

When your children are having hard times in their relationships as adults, do not get in the middle of that because you had your chance of being a parent from the day they were born until they started their own lives far away from you with other people. What they do with them is none of your business because you did your job and it is now up to them to put in practice all those lessons you had passed on.

It is no longer about you when you become a leader of more than 500 000 people, a leader of a country, a leader of an organization, any leader for that matter. Your personal interpretation of the world do not matter, because you are now responsible for not just your wellbeing, but that of others who put their trust in your hands, that you will put them at the forefront of everything you do.

You chose to have sex without protection and now that the results are here, choose to do the right thing and let go of that money. It has to leave your pocket one way or another, but I advice that you make it the easy way, because it is no longer about you.



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