Episode 14: He is here!

Siphokazi was unpacking and still in the hyped state as she was so pleased with how things turned out. In the haze of her self praise, she felt a chill going down her spine, “what the hell was that?” she felt Vuyo’s presence in her bedroom. While asking herself all sorts of questions, her phone rang.

“Hi there, I’m too tired to talk just say what you are thinking and I’ll see if I have the energy to think about it.”

“Yes I know you are, but please can you just find that last bid and step out into your garden, it will only take two minutes, please.”

“Say what now?” in a surprised yet disgusted voice.

“Don’t ask just come out please, talking and holding that phone to your ear will only take all the energy you could have used to come down here. You don’t even have to change or fix your hair nor wear your expensive perfume. You can come with your gun and call your security to be on high alert to hear your screams if need be.”

Sipho being her curious self, left the phone on the table by the back door and stepped out. She was a bit scared because she thought she was alone, as she had sent her house helpers home as soon as she arrived.

There were petals from the door and she followed then to the table in the middle of her garden, but she could not see anyone around.
“Ag, am I still doing this shit to myself again, I’m too tired for this torture again. I should stop doing this to myself, what is wrong with me. Why can’t I get this guy, this one person out of my head, AHHH!”

A voice came from behind her and she froze, “I thought I was the only one who asked such questions?”

Sipho turned around to find Vuyo standing there with a small blanket. He placed it around her shoulders as she only her spaghetti strips pajama top with its short shorts.

“Don’t worry, all these are mine, I never went inside your house, your housekeeper let me into the garden an hour ago, and even made sure that your security guard was with me all the time, I’ m so sorry to have frightened you like this, ( with his hands still on her shoulders), you are still shaking, I’m really sorry. I wanted this to be perfect for you to unwind and let someone else take your worries away for a bit.”

Without a word, Sipho grabbed him and kissed him, to the point that he felt all his blood leave his head and rush down to his…all his body hair stood and his toes dug through his shoes into the ground to anchor him to earth.

“Thank you” she whispered

A good two minutes just to make sure she was not dreaming this time. Vuyo and his body parts were still trying to come back to this earth, as he rolled his eyes, cleared his throat and looked into Sipho’s eyes, with the hope that their gaze will distract them both from his bulged zip.

“Aren’t we going to eat?” she politely asked.


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