Episode 13: It’s vacation time!

The trip was suppose take just about an hour and half from Pretoria to Magaliesburg, but they took a detour to Pilanesberg National Park after first stopping to feed the cheetahs at De Wildt cheetah sanctuary in Hartbeesport, which now trade as The Ann van Dyk cheetah center.

They arrived in Magalies at 15:00, and after unpacking and familiarising themselves with their surroundings, they were called to gather in the big conference hall, where refreshments where served and they were introduced to staff and facilitators and their program.

Some of Sipho’s colleagues started making jokes about the line up saying that she was trying to kill them as she had received news that she was to die after the event, and she did not want to go alone. Management was a bit skeptical about it too, but knowing that Sipho might even cancel the whole thing, should they attempt to make any changes. They just went with the flow.

By the end of the first night, they all had forgotten about their attitude when they first got there. The funniest part was on Saturday morning where the group was awaken at 05:00am to go hunt chickens, that they were going to be served at lunch. The chickens where bought from farms in Magaliesburg and Rusternburg, and were all free range.

Sunday afternoon was the ultimate surprise, with the company employees having to be the lodge runners and the lodge employees and management as guests. And boy were they the worst guests ever, drama queens and divas of the century.

But at the end everyone enjoyed and so many lessons were learned. Maja C&A’s management did not want to leave, but they did eventually after an extra three hours of over stay.

The trip was even more valuable as Maja C&A gained a client and six referrals for the other lodges and B&Bs around the area. They arrived back in Pretoria at 16:30 and Sipho got home at 19:15 as she part of management that made sure everyone was home safe, or close enough to home that their families can come pick them up.


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