Episode 12: New perspective

The evening turned ou to be one pleasant interaction. Mandla showed Sipho how to cook fish with beer and chicken livers, at first Sipho found the combo weird and yucky but after tasting it, she was quite surprised and wanted more.

They almost forgot that they were in someone else’s house, as they sat on kitchen counters and ate dinner filled with laughter. They were even startled by Mpho’s arrival at 21:03.

“Oh that God you did not kill him or walk out on him like you usually do” she said while standing at the door and looking at them with wide opened eyes.

Siphokazi smiled and got off the counter and started packing the dishwasher and clearing the kitchen. Mpho poured herself wine and stood next to Mandla.

“So how is she?” she whispered.

“Okay I guess, but she is too much for me I can’t do it. We might be on the same level professionally but anything else doesn’t mix. Anyway I’ve to go, I promised my cousin that I’ll drop by, so I ‘ll see you around. Enjoy your weekend of fun. Oh ya by the way, Sipho doesn’t like being set up, so don’t do it again or else all your male friends will end up hating you.”

Mpho was amazed to how calm Mandla was, she had not seen anyone withstand sitting and talking with her friend for such a long period without any drama. They walked Mandla to his car and came back and talked about the trip and how they hope it will bring the workplace back to life.

Sipho had a new perspective towards the event, it now made sense why she had to be the one organising it. She was so caught up in finishing it and getting back to her work, that she did not put in what was to build the morale in the company, which was the whole idea of this, according to her anyway.

Sipho left an hour and half later and when she got back to her place, she when through the documents of the event and all her planned activities. She reworked the whole thing, removing and adding other activities. When she completed her packing, the two extra batteries for her phone, chargers and laptop were last to go in the bag.

Departure was at 08:00am and by 09:00am Sipho had updated the venue of all the changes. This was easily done because she had booked out the whole place and everything was scheduled around them. They took three luxury buses and one company 22 sitter minibus, which was customised for those on wheelchairs and was fitted with Bluetooth headphones for the blind employees, to share with them the descriptions of their surroundings through out their journey.


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