16 February


Yes I want you to read that out loud of cause.

Are taking part in your part of the world in promoting this valuable skill; READING?

Just because we are able to speak does not necessarily mean we can read that which we are saying. Those of us that are privileged to can READ we have a duty to share that with others.

After all as bloggers, authors, content marketers and creative writers, we are constantly looking to reach, engage and retain more people. So the more people are able to READ, the more they will enjoy what we share in our written words.

Play your part and READ out loud tomorrow, anywhere and everywhere you will be. That newspaper article that you will be clued to, READ it out loud, your employment contract your are signing tomorrow, READ it out loud.

http://www.nalibali.org has more stories to share in eleven South African languages.

Don’t mind the looks, you will be sharing the best thing to ever happen to humans, READING.

Remember that preschool on the corner just as you come into the office, spend half your lunch hour READING out loud to those innocent faces. Avoid being stuck in traffic and go spent an hour in that clinic and READ out loud to the patients there.

READ and encourage all those in your circles to do the same.


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