Episode 11: Feet orgasm

Mandla refilled his juice and held the jug up to offer Sipho some, but she declined his offer by showing him her bottle of water. He followed her into the living room and they sat on the floor by the sliding door.

Sipho leaned against the big flower pot by the door with her teddy bear in her lap, while Mandla sat with his back against the glass door, with his body facing the kitchen and their feet forming a ‘T’. With Sipho playing with her toes across Mandla’s knees, of just above them.

With a smile, Mandla turned to look at Sipho,

“Look, I’m not good at pretending so I’ll get to the point. I’m here because your friends are trying to set you up with someone and I am the victim of their doing. The other night I could not, no, I did not pitch because I did not think and still don’t think is right. Besides I had no idea what you looked like nor what you don’t like or are looking for in a man. Apart from that I myself am not that adventurous. But from what I see, I can understand why they did this, you are too beautiful to be living all alone. You are the kind of face someone might really pinch themselves each morning when they wake up next to you, just to make sure they are really awake. Why are you not with anyone anyway, you don’t have to answer that if you don’t want to?”

“Because I don’t have time for another person in my life. I’m too selfish to share it with anyone.” and this time she had her natural real smile on.

Mandla noticed a lotion in Sipho’s bag that was laying open next to her, with some of its contents falling out after she went through it searching for her noise wipes and sinus spray.

“Give me that.”

“What, this, holding the tube in her hand, why?

“You will see. Like you said that you don’t kill people, I too don’t.”

Her smile grew as she handed him the tube and he started massaging her feet.

“But you can with your teddy.”

“You’re right, with her the is nothing to worry about or a need to explain myself.”

Sipho was enjoying the massage so much that Mandla noticed her rolling eyes like she was having a great orgasm. He smile like a man who had just pleased a woman who had been playing hard to get with him for months.

“Thank you, you do know that you have such soft talented hands, are you providing their services to someone special in your life?”

“Just my mom when visiting her in Mabopane.”

“I wish I was her, not being your mom, but just getting this wonderful free service. I know my mom would pay anything to get this after each shift from the hospital.”

“My mom is always buried under paper and red pens and the noise of kids asking for extra work. So this is my way of paying her back for all those hours spent feeding minds.”

“Well, our moms do work hard and they deserve all our love. Again thank you.”

Sipho got up and went to the bedroom, only to find bags already packed. Her friends did not know that someone else was already occupying that space in her life. She returned to where she left Mandla and they sat there and talked for hours.


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