A promise fulfilled

I love it when I do deliver.

Don’t you?

As I said last week in Not for the love of money that I was putting my short stories in Facebook, the first one, ALL FOR YOU, went up today. It is in nine posts as it is a 4500+ word story, and I thought it might be good to let the reader rest in between all those 4500+ words.

I took that from myself, as I do with some long reading in any format, whether email, posts, books or newsletters. I take breaks and put my phone aside and do something else even if is just for a few seconds or minutes.

Oh and I just realized that I have been living here and sharing with you all for a month. Thank you for being there with me and I am looking forward to growing with you by my side.

Yes! Yes! Yes! Siphokazi has a fan page and it too went up today. Wow, if I was ‘word count’ obsessed, I am sure I am now over the 20 000 that so many writers sometimes find difficult to get to, when the brain develops an allergy to the screen and don’t what to bring our words out. This include hand written notes on stories, next potential posts, emails and notes on daily observations, that I don’t know (at the time of writing them) why I write them.

But they do come in handy when the brain-screen allergy overcome me.

So let us keep delivering our promises and help each other grow on this platform and any other that you are engaged in.




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