What does Rev. TD Jakes, ISIS and Pres. D Trump have in common with your blog

Wait! Wait! Wait!

I am not talking religion nor terrorism.

I am talking about…

Firstly ask yourself this, why did you react the way you did when you read the headline?

We all want what they do, with each post we put out into the world. We want a reaction, a bigger audience with each post and for people to follow us and want to know more from us.

We want our followers to talk about us online and offline, everyday till they meet our next post, which they have been waiting for in high spirits.

Asks any author about what they want with each book published, and they too want the same thing.

Now ask yourself these;

  • How do these institutions above capture so many people’s attention when ever they are mentioned or they speak or act?
  • How do they retain so much followers, who keep coming back for more and are that loyal?
  • What is it that their followers talk to others about, that turn them too into followers?
  • How did these institutions get as big as they are today?

Yes I keep referring to all three as institutions even though the other two are individuals. I do that because even those two have become bigger than just the individual at the centre.

A lot might now want to know the answers to the above questions, but I will not give them to you, it is up to you to ask yourself and find out. We have been so spoiled with all these ‘how to’ lists that are everywhere, which makes us lazy to think for ourselves sometimes.

We expect answers on every one of them, but most are too general to be relevant in your present space.

I can bet you that all three institutions read and do research all the time about everyone, especially their non followers.

Is that not what we do before we post in our niches?

Tell me what was the one aim of your last post? Let me know maybe some of them might influence my next post or another. Did you achieve your goal?


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