Week 3: Episodes 10-14

As we on with the week of endless red and white, which can drive some people crazy or cause others to over spent money they did not have in the first place, who about enjoying your afternoon break with Siphokazi Zungu.

Catch up with her at 15:00 C.A.T weekdays right here.

Here are some highlights of the week ahead;

  • Sipho meets here blind date, is she going to be  able to pay him any attention?
  • Will her hastily prepared event flop? How will the directors do?
  • Sipho finally meets her perfect stranger in person, but is it still the same?
  • The first night with Mr perfect.
  • What should a girl do when she finds a sexy, hot hunk half naked in her bedroom? How do you explain that to mom?

Sipho is on Facebook , starting this coming Monday, to interact with her fans and they get to find out more about her. There are other things that she does, but you will have to follow her and find out.

Keep reading and writing and don’t forget to leave me what is on your mind, I love and appreciate it very much. Keep well all.



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