Not for the love of money

Hey there good people!

Some of us that were given the chance to have books all around us, we sometimes take it for granted that there are those that did not. We see reading material all around us, but it does not mean everyone can read it.

Even for those that do want to read, their limited monetary abilities do not allow for more exposure to these reading materials. This is why I am taking my short stories to Facebook on the first Wednesday of each month at 11:00am C.A.T

But for February it will be on Monday 13 at 11:00am C.A.T and I am looking forward to engaging with you all. I am doing this to get young South African people fall in love with the written words like we did and still are loving it.

Most people in our country find books too expensive and out of their reach, they associate them with the elite and rich, and when they are on social media, they do not engage with a lot of inspiring things.

My aim is to get them to see reading as another avenue of socialising on any platform. Stories are not just in books and TV but can and should be everywhere, and with the amount of fake news dominating these days, we need some entertaining fiction just to rest our brains from reality.

So Monday is a date and I am so excited about all your comments, questions, likes and shares. See you soon, lots of love all round!


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