Episode 9: Dreamer little dreamer

As she lifted her head, after making sure that she looked alright; there they were. Those same eyes that left her drooling in Mpho’s kitchen the other night. This time they were more sexier under the moon light.

Siphokazi gazed at them for a minute and felt the oxygen leave her whole body. Those same feelings or what ever they were that night, that went through out her body, came rushing back as she gasped for air. She felt a bid light headed but managed to compose herself and gather her thoughts, trying her best to not blush.

“Oh God! Of all people, it had to be you, why are you doing this for someone you hardly know?”

“Why are you here then? You could have just sat at home and not bothered to pitch, you are both stupid and too trusty. Just one phone call and you take out your very best outfit. But at least if it turned out to be a kidnapping, you would yield a very high price, I’ll give you that.”

“Oh so you brought me all the way here just to insult me the whole night?”

“No…no I just wanted to show you a good, no make that a great time before yourself made hell of a weekend.”

“Why…how…why…why do you keep doing this? What did I ever do to you to always get to me like this?”

“Ahh now I am being blamed for making you weak. I bet no other person has ever had the pleasure of seeing your face so red from trying not to smile.”

“You know what, I am leaving.”

“No you won’t, we are going to do this to the end of time.”

He took her by hand and lead her into the garden. There were two battlers awaiting them in-front of a table set for two.

“The food is ready sir.”

Dinner by candlelight, the temperature between the was so hot and made everything perfect. After dinner, it was a quite dance near the open fire, they were a perfect match made in heaven.

He took her hand and started walking towards the waterfalls, where there were bright blue and purple butterflies. But then, she suddenly tripped and he lost his grip on her hand and she fell on her face.

‘Oh shit I’m dreaming. OUCH! That hurts, how did he get in my head like that. I don’t even know this guy, he is just another…another…aaaagg I  don’t even know where to class him. Where the hell has he been all this time to just pop into my head and make me hurt myself like this. Who does he think he is, DAMN!’



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