Episode 8: Under the full moon in a lace dress

Sipho stood there with one hand on top of her head, the other holding the phone as she stared at it while biting half her lower lip. She walked towards the door then turned around and back to the balcony. She looked out to see if maybe it might be someone watching her and playing tricks on her, but the streets and other balconies were empty.

‘Whatever man whatever’

She went to her bedroom and prepared herself. 18:25 her doorbell rang, she checked herself for the last time before opening the door.

“Evening madam, your car is waiting”

There stood a young man of about 20 or so, in all black attire, like  some important messenger, and behind him parked a red Benz. Sipho took a deep breath and mumbled to herself,

‘Oh boy, what am I doing? Anyway, here goes nothing.’

She checked her phone to make sure it was on and that all the tracking apps were on and working, then got into the car. They were about 500 meter outside of town when they stopped, and the young man looked at her via the rearview mirror,

“We are here madam”

He got out first, came hastily around the car to open the door for Sipho. She thanked him and looked at herself to make sure nothing was out of place. She had on the last dress she never thought she will ever put on. She bought it about two years prior to this night, in a foul mood after loosing a client to some punk new-bee from another firm.

But the loss was not for long as she pursued that client till she got them back, which took a mire two weeks. The client could not understand a thing that the other firm was saying to them half the time they were in meetings. By the time Sipho scooped them back, they were even more confused about what was happening with their money and assets, and had lost quite a considerable amount of money through legal fees.

Anyway, that night Siphokazi felt it was the right time to try it on and see if it was worth the money and time she spent on it. It looked like it was made for the full moon of that night. With its ruby red lace off one shoulder with her new diamond stud tear drop earring, sparkling in the moon light. The knee-high dress made her look taller than her 1.6m height, it was fitted just right, to show off her size 10 figure which she was so proud of.

She paired it with a small black clutch, enough to fit her phone, lip bum and pepper spray, and a pair of red and black high heels. The air was filled with the scent of the first rains of spring, with the sounds of a hooting owl, touts and crickets in the distant.


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