Episode 7: Who is on the phone

By lunch time all the girls in the building had left to do some last minute shopping. Sipho went home and took a very long bath in her guest bedroom, surrounded by strawberry vanilla scented candles, a big glass of red wine, followed by a cold towel. It was one of her many weird things, placing a wet towel in a plastic bag and leaving it in the fridge for 24 hours before she used it after work.

She wanted to feel like a special guest in some hotel and not just in her house. So she had a small bowel of vanilla ice cream with chocolate cubes waiting for her on the balcony, with The Whale Caller by Zakes Mda, and a whole bottle of wine, she sat there in her cold towel.

For the first time in a very long time, Sipho found herself with lots of time on her hands. It was a strange thing to her as she always had one thing or another to do. Whether at the office or volunteering at something that she thought could use her expertise.

Sipho’s imagination always took her places, all the places that where mentioned in any book that she read. In the middle of her lost world, her phone rang.

“Yes! And if you phone again asking me about tomorrow, you can drop the phone now before you see my fist through it beating you up. And for your sake DO NOT DIAL THIS NUMBER AGAIN, and yes I will be there!”

She hanged up the phone without hearing who the other person was or what they wanted. It rang again.

“Now what!”

“If that’s how hash you are on the phone, it’s no wonder you are still living alone. Anyway I don’t want to fight, I just want to take you out tonight and no is not an option for you.”

“Who is this?”
“That does not matter for now, just be ready by 18:30. Oh ya, wear something relaxed, sexy and comfortable. I hope you do own something like that.”

Before she could say anything else, the line went dead.




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