Episode 6: Sipho the reluctant organizer

Siphokazi was given the task to organize a spring party for the whole organisation, but her mind was not into it. She kept asking her juniors to assist her, but somehow they all seemed to be too busy with some other important details she could not figure out.

So many questions crossed her mind about this task, which had nothing to do with her daily work, after all the company had an events manager. Sipho convinced herself that the men in Mafa Capitalists and Auditors, the company that she had dedicated her life to, had finally had enough of her and were doing this just to push her to quit.

By the middle of August, the file was still lying idle on her desk. It stared at her all day everyday, because it was a bright orange and lime green file, that did not fit in with anything on her desk. She had never seen such a file anywhere in the office, not even in the storeroom, yes she did check.

It was so annoying and each person that came in her office, asked about it first before even greeting her. Sipho finally gave in and started looking at the requirement of the task, she dedicated the following two weeks to the event, just to get the hideous file off her big blue glass table, that she got customized three year before.

The event was to be held on the first Friday of September, for the whole weekend. She still had to sell it to the company, but that was just a formality that she was not aware of since everyone already knew the function was coming and they were all excited about it except for Sipho. She felt like she did not deserve the break since she had been working on this task.

Little did she know that the whole thing of giving this one task to her to work on directly and all by herself, was planned months before. It was a way to force her to take a break from her usual work, and because everyone knew she would not take time off work, this was a way to keep her busy while not thinking about anything else but the task in front of her.

The company bosses did this knowing how dedicated she was to her work and that she was going to make the whole event something extraordinary. Her dedication and perfectionist nature, forced her to not only take what the websites gave her about each place she researched nor the answers of the ladies on the other end of the telephone; she went to see each place in person.

She was in a bad mood when she came into the office that Thursday morning, a day before they were to leave for Vally Lodge, where the spring break was to be held. She was thinking of the mountain of work awaiting her, only to find out that all her work was up to date. All thanks to Mpho, who had just completed her MBA and had asked for a chance to put her degree to good use.

This was to thank the company for giving her a chance to empower herself, and a biggest thank you to her best friend Sipho, for pushing her all the time and preaching to her about not waiting for her boyfriend to do things for her.


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