Buried alive

My other older brother was buried alive by his cheating girlfriend with the help of his friend who the girlfriend was cheating him with.

But that is not what I am here for today.

We live in a society of the living dead, buried alive and semi-conscious of the world around us. From a tender age of two to as old as 90, we are just zombies.

We pass each other like we are passing lamp posts or rubbish bins. Humanity is slowly dying and we are just letting it.

How many  of us have cars, use public transport, have ill loved ones, and we pass this door like it is a door to hell?

Do you even know where this door in your area is?

How many times have you passed it and you did not even notice that it was there because you were buried alive in your phone?

That very phone that almost cost you your life the other day because you did not notice the speeding car coming down the road, with its driver texting lies to their partner.

So many young people are developing chronic headaches, back pains and shoulder pains and what not long before their nine to five race began, because they are buried alive in their phones.

When was the last time you enjoyed a beautiful smile from a stranger?

Did you even notice it or were you buried in your phone, just to avoid eye constant or turn that smile?

That smile could have save your friend from being hit by that car last year.

Anyway my brother’s body, or should I now say bones, is/are still missing. We as a family of black South African, I should add, still are unable to close that chapter. Okay one day soon I will explain that part in full.

Next time put your phone aside and walk in that door, they also offer free cookies you know.


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