Why do we write…

Why do I talk about this and that…

Why do we love…laugh…live…

Why the need to belong…

Why did I cry about that the other day and not this today…

Why when I say this…it hurts you…But when I say it this way…it doesn’t…

Why life…why…

I don’t have all the answers but one of these questions was why I did not separate my personal Twitter account from my blog and business accounts.

Does it make a difference? I asked

A lot said yes, so that your business and blog brands do not take a knock should you like, write or re-tweet something that is not in line with what your brands represent.

But then, who does that make any sense if in my personal capacity I do not follow that which I am trying to sell to other?

I did not separate the accounts because that is also part of my brand in full. I am the extension of what I put out in the world in this blog and other ventures.

People get to see all sides of me, what I like, support, find funny, think about other’s view point, and not just what I think I what the people to hear. I am a whole person with good and bad moments, and on Twitter that can come out easy through what one follower, like, post and re-tweet, as you don’t necessarily have to be so formal all the time.

In my blog, for example, I have one objective of getting my written work out into the world in another form and not just in books. I enjoy it so much and it comes easier than facing a 200 page novel on a blank screen.

So why do I have to separate myself from my work, which I love doing?

I am still the same person outside of those brands and blog and I am proud of me.

Yes I am a very shy and private person, who does not like taking photos of myself, but I love my written work and enjoy sharing it.

So why not…


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