STOP selling yourself short

When you are shopping and you have to pay for something that costs R20 and you have R50, you expect R30 back right? But then why is it that a lot of us has this mentality of selling ourselves at R20 and worse when a customer pays with R50 we still give them R70 back?

That maths does not make any sense right?

Last year I attended a book festival in Soweto and some women sat behind me and started talking about how they found Soweto and their experiences around the place, in the few days that they had been there.

One was from Bloemfontein and the other was from Nigeria. And from what they saw, it was a totally different scene from what they had been hearing from news and people talk, about the place. They found Soweto to be far more advanced and beautiful than the mental pictures they had built in their imagination, all these years of hearing about Soweto.

This ‘oh we are poor, we don’t have this or that, we are not given this or that, blah…blah…blah’ state of mind, is really destroying a lot of opportunities that might have come our way.

Imagine if an investor heard that we don’t have malls in South Africa, they take all their money and resources and come here to build us mall, only to find that we got tons of them, what do you think we look like to that person? They are going to take their money back and never come back because they would have found us to be such liars and false sales persons. And there, opportunity gone just like that!

Our leaders are always trying to sell South Africa to the world, as the place to be and do business, but we the majority of the citizens, just keep selling ourselves short. We have painted such a negative picture in so many people’s minds that when they get here, they feel lost and confused.

The world expect, the worst damp, and uneducated people, but that is not what we are or what we have. We have schools, banks, world class universities, businesses and even inventors all around us, but yet we are not putting our best faces, fronts, foot or what ever they say, forward.

We have so much to give the world, but we are failing to do so because of the picture that we already had given the world about ourselves. Tell me this, do you go to an interview in your ‘yard cleaning’ clothes just to show the potential employer that you are poor, or do you put on the best formal clothes you have, or might have borrowed, for that ‘first impression count’ look?

We need to change our mind set about ourselves and our country and paint a better picture for the world to see. When the world comes here, let it see that we are capable of so many good things, that we do not dwell on the negatives in our lives, but we strive each day for the best we can do and give.

South Africa, we are far more pleasant than we have given the world. We are capable of so much more. So let us start selling ourselves at the right price and give back the correct change. Remember that we are what we think of ourselves and not what others think of us.


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