Episode 5:What a girl want

Vuyo, our mysterious guy, took a few steps back, looked at her and then pushed his body against hers and whispered in her ear,

“Oh ya thanks, you are not as bad yourself too.”

He said as he touched the back of Sipho’s neck and around her shoulders and down her arm. He was about to run his fingers through hers when Kele came giggling into the kitchen, to find them trying to separate from each other.

“Did you…Oh I didn’t mean to disturb anything. Oh please continue I even forgot what I was doing in here. Oh ya I was not even coming in here to be honest, I took a wrong turn, I was going to…”

Vuyo took her out of her misery of looking for words in her rumblings.

“No you did not, I was just leaving.”

“But I…” Turning to Kele with a face, “Did you really have to come in here now! Anyway who was that? Sipho asked Kele

” I should be asking you, you are the one who was talking to him.”

“You mean you invited someone none of you know?”

“Maybe he is someone’s plus one. Who knows in these things.”

“Do you really think he is here with someone?”

“I have not seen him around, maybe he is new in town, or maybe he’s Thabo’s latest meat, you know mos that he is gay and is always at our parties showing off his latest hunk. Who knows maybe he is with him.”

“Ya maybe, eish.”

Siphokazi could not stop thinking about the mysterious guy at the party for the whole week. She even asked Thabo who he was dating, and still it was not him.

A month passed and she somehow forgot about him, or maybe she just managed to push him to the back of her mind.




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