Dear valued reader

It has been a while since I was here to give you more of our favourite girl Siphokazi Zungu, and her drama filled life. I had just started when something came up, the question of who was to tell her story, me or herself. We came to a conclusion that I will be telling the story, while she interact with you on her Facebook page, which is still under construction, Monday to Friday, and maybe Saturday sometimes.

She will be dropping in from time to time just to see that I am still on tract with what she had told me about her life.

In case you had forgotten what has happened to far, here is a sum up: Sipho, a.k.a Siphokazi accidentally met some mysterious guy from a girls party that has turned her mind into jelly. She have always enjoyed her sex partners, but this guy makes her body do things she does not understand, just fro the vibration of the guy’s voice.

What will she do the next time their path cross?

Well, you can find out this afternoon at  15:00 c.a.t to see if they even ever meet again. The drama will continue here Monday through Friday at 15:00 c.a.t

Looking forward to your engagement here and with Sipho on her page (soon).


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