Writers beware

When the writing bug gets hold of your fingers, we forget that the outside world is still there and moving forward without us. We sometimes neglect ourselves a little, but here are some simple ways to get off that chair.

  • Keep your water bottle filled

Make it a point that you drink water in regular intervals, make it every ten minute between sips. That also give your eyes a small break from the screen or paper.

  • Use the farthest toilet

With water consumption comes pee, and the longer the distance from your workspace the better. You get to stand, walk and have a break. If you are working from home, walk out the from door and re-enter from another door then go to the loo, if the toilet is not that far from your work space.

  • Refill from another floor

If your are in the office space, use the other office’s water fountain to refill your water bottle, that way you get to see different real faces, walk more steps and maybe exchange ideas with others. If you work from home, use a smaller bottle that needs more refilling.

  •  Use technology to add more steps

Those Bluetooth head set you bought him for Christmas, will come in handy when you combine it with the speech-to-word app and you say what you think while stretching.

  • Every little act counts

Play imaginary hop-scotch to and from the loo. Squat five times in high heels, of each time your post is liked or get a comment squat once. If no likes or comments, squat ten times because you had spent all that time sitting for what.

If you are in the office and someone ask why you squat, just tell them that you were checking if your pants did not show your butt crack.

Be goofy and dance to the loudest imaginary music, just keep moving and soon your back pain will be a thing of the past including those stiff shoulders.


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