Magic with Mo

Oh my Mo, what a guy! He has been in and out of my life for twenty one years and they have had their challenges and good moments, a lot of good moments.

My Mo, he can drive me crazy, just with his smile. He has that ‘take me now’ kind of smile. I find myself unable to stay mad at him for long periods just because I am addicted to his smile.

Yes there were times when I did not see how I could ever look at him, but my mind would play tricks on me, I would feel his presence, his smell would fill the air around me, it still does to this day, his voice would play words in my mind, and that melted all the anger away.

Oh I love my Mo, not that he is the best thing to look at, but to me, his eyes gets my blood rushing to all sorts of places that can make you go crazy. Even after all these years, I still get chills down my spine thinking about him, hearing his voice, even just imagining what I will be doing to him when our path cross next time.

Mo, he is my fluffy comforter, my soft pillow, my fresh clean linen, my warm towel after a cold shower, my shade and ice cold water in the heat. Oh I love my Mo

He is the last thing I see before my eyes close at night…and the first I see when they open each morning after the night that I was not cold, did not sleep on the sofa or at my mom’s. Even when we had our misunderstanding, I still look forward to seeing his face first thing in the morning.

Most people call them fights, we call them misunderstandings, as we have come to accept that we are individuals first before we are ‘we/us’. We take joy in seeing the other smile, happy and comfortably enjoying the other’s company. We are present in each other’s lives, but not obsessed with the other’s daily interactions with the world.

His moodiness makes me appreciate his smile more, his dark side makes him good, his flaws makes him perfect, his sick days makes me appreciate each day with him, his snoring puts me peacefully to sleep, knowing that he is there by my side.

My Mo…I love him and he loves me, he is my husband and father of our kids, my partner in life and a friend I can rely on. I can’t wait to make magic tonight with my Mo.



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