Breach of contract

In business we enter into contracts daily, and if one party fails to uphold their end of the contract, we sue or go to court for one thing or another.

Why is it that in the biggest breach of contract in life we just settle for even an I.O.U note?


Do we ever look over the promise that we exchange in-front of the whole world?

Number One: The big one that we all hear, ’till death do us part’, when did it say till divorce?

Number Two: ‘Forsaking all others’, where does it say till I cheat?

Number Three: ‘For richer or poor’, where did it say should you loose your job I leave, if you don’t make such an amount of money I leave?

Number Four: ‘To honor and respect’, where did it say turn you into a punching bag, sex slave/toy, maid, baby making machine?


Where in that contract did it state that one of us has to change their name and take on the other’s?

Where did it state that we have to have off-springs?

When the contract clearly states that we become one, why then do we come with our own sub-contacts of the so-called ‘pre nup’?

Why is it that after the so called settlement, you don’t sue for pain and suffering, because the whole thing caused one so much pain, time, money and suffering?

That for me is the worst breach of contract in history.

Feel to add to the list.



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