How my father became a man

I believe my sister passed  by here some few days back and left a mark in some of you. Well, I hope I will do the same if not better, by evoking those conversations through all your other platforms and even face to face.

Well, I have a biological father and a step-father, they are both my dads, and I do trust that most understand the saying that, there is a difference between being a dad and fathering a child.

My bio-dad was married and has four kids with his ex-wife, but I was born while he was still with his wife, I guess you already knew that from my sister’s Dear Society.

My bio-dad gave my mom monthly child care money, as was expected but was not really there in my life for most part of my childhood. But he came around after my near death experience from drugs.

Yes I was a teen boy and experimented with all sorts of things with friends, just because I was mad at my bio-dad not being in my life. Ya, the usual acting out for no good reason, I did that.

My step-dad found me passed out from drugs and took me  under his wing, and what I loved was giving me my bio-dad. That weekend that I was forced to detox, oh hell man, I felt like these guys wanted to kill me and they really hated me. I cursed the day I met them, but today I am so thankful they did.

They both became my mentors and pillars of life. My bio-dad got to see how strong and determined my mom was, and that made him respect her even more, and it gave him the courage to finally leave his wife.

No, he did not leave her for my mom, but for his kids. In his marriage, he felt he had lost his manhood but he was staying for his kids. He left his ex-wife with the house and all its contents, and  two cars. He took his kids and started anew in a new house, where I had a room and got to have a better relationship with my other siblings.

I love my dads for seeing my mom for the whole person that she is. My bio-dad did not become big headed and ego-driven when my step-dad asked him to play a bigger role in my life.

That and for the respect he showed my mom, and for taking a better care of all his kids, is how my bio-dad became a man in my eyes.

Now my question to you is, are you the kind of parent your kids draw inspiration from, to be better people in life?


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