Simple ways to enjoy your 50s

  • Stop having babies when you are 30

Think about it, you are dealing with your own difficulties of menopause, why would you also want to deal with a 15 year old teen-tantrums? When you had your child when you were 30, they will be 20 and out of the house, hopefully, when you turn 50.

  • Accept your partner as they are

By this age you should know how to not react emotionally to every stupid thing your partner does. You have been with this person for long enough to know when to let go of small staff, and enjoy each other, with all that comes with life.

  • Money; Is either you have or you don’t

If you are still trying to figure out your retirement plans, where have you been, what were you doing in your teens? Retirement starts when you turn 16, you don’t plan here but are contributing each month into your retirement fund account. You start asking around about it when you turn 12.

  • D I F Y

Do It For You, what ever you do from here on, it’s for your own fulfilment. Start a new hobby that will keep you fit and engaged with your surroundings. Go on holiday for as long as you can afford to stay there. Buy the most expensive perfume and flirt more with your partner, for your own amusement.

Don’t take life too serious at this age, you have been eating for 50 years for peace ‘sake. Love your floppy body and drink a lot of water. Above all LOVE YOURSELF!



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