Dear Society

Dear society, my name is…right now it does not matter what my name is, but I think you should hear my story first.

What I can tell you is, I am in my twenties, have a daughter and husband, I have a mom a wonderful step-dad, and two younger siblings. I live in my own house and have a degree, and working on my next one and I love my life.

But things were not that easy and simple at the beginning, I was raised by my prostitute mom, after my hustler dad dead, shot by the police; thank you snitches.

My mom was 16 when I was born, lived with her boyfriend in a shack after her parents disowned her, after discovering her pregnancy. Before long I had two siblings after the passing of my dad, yes we don’t have the same father.

My mom tried to hold on to any job after my dad passed, but due to her limited education, all she had were temporary jobs, in local shops like spazas, fish n chips, the likes. She finally decided to open a shebeen, after the father of my little sister left her some money, after she showed him some good times. He was a business man from some country I cannot pronounce, and was in my country for a short time to look for ways to expand his ventures.

I grew up exposed to alcohol and different men that accompanied my mom till the late hours of the night or early mornings. She thought I did not notice this side of the business, but I did. What I did not like were the drunk men that used to look at me like I was for sale.

I understood that my mom had to do what she could to give us a better chance than she had, but it was not easy for me to process that. She eventually left the prostitution side of her business and got married to a sexy educated man that she is still with.

That was just a snap short of my background, you can find the rest of it on this website as soon as the author had finished with it.

What I wanted to address with this is, why is society so harsh on women who provide a service that all men want, sex? Do we ever stop and ask them what let to that, or we just assume they are in it for the drugs and what not?

My younger brother’s dad is a married man, and he did father my brother through my mom’s prostitution, after he promised her that he was leaving his wife and wanted my mom to stop her prostitution. He did leave his wife, but when my brother was in his final year in high school, and he was paying child support, even had a savings or some policy for his education.

If it was not for his wife refusing to give him what he loved, sex and comfort, the guy would not have had to buy my mom’s vagina. If she was not always on his case about everything and anything, he would not have left her.

So ladies and gentlemen, why don’t you look at what is it that you are not doing right in your relationships, before you judge the prostitutes? Do we have to be so harsh on their kids and always put it in their faces that their parents are prostitutes?

All three of us are well educated, we had a loving single mother, and lived in a ten roomed house, with each having their own bedrooms. My step-dad married my mom when my siblings were both in varsity.

Oh yes my name…I am your neighbour, who drive that fancy car, with her kids in private school and I am on the school management committee. I sit next to you in church every Sunday and we had lunch just the other day.


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