Is your front garden a bully?

How many of us have a front garden like this?

It is the first this our kids see when they leave for school, come back home or just anything they do when they step out the from door.

Some of us even have far better looking gardens than that bush like one. We toil on them over weekends or whenever we can.

They are colourful, bright and smell nice. Others are big and some are small enough. We want nothing wrong to happen to them.

But what are they teaching our kids?

Pretty comes first, always in front, is eye catching and appealing? By who’s eyes do we see pretty?

Why not turn your front garden into a veggie garden? Ijo…ijoo..joo…Say what now woman?

And that right there is our bullying mentality that we keep passing on to our kids.

What do you think your kids, family and neighbours are going to say when they see those cabbages, tomatoes, spinach and the rest as the first and last thing they remember about your yard?

I believe that front veggie gardens can change our kids attitudes towards healthy food. We all know that kids like taking things when we are not looking, now do you think they won’t take those carrots and eat them with their friends around a corner, as a way to annoy you that they went into the garden without permission?

The point is to get them to eat veggies right?

But a front veggie garden really?

Apart from being proudly different, think of all the lessons gained from looking after a veggie garden.

  1. Record keeping, when a child records what they have planted and what is required for it to produce good crops.
  2. Responsibilities, making sure that the garden is well watered, cleaned and fed.
  3. Caring
  4. Seeing all things as equally beautiful and important.
  5. Patience, waiting for the grops to grow and produce food proofing that hard work results in good rewards.

We all want our kids to turn into smart productive adults, start with changing their perspective of what pretty is and that anything can come first.

Oh yes we can incorporate flowers in our veggie gardens of cause, we are after all teaching equality at the end.


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