Life after…

14 February 2017 is nearing and most will be looking for excuses for not believing in the whole concept and how it is just another commercial day blah…blah…blah

But why don’t you turn that into your fun day, more so when you have children. You were once happy with the person you were involved with at one time, write your kids the stories of your first Valentine’s day experience with their other parent, with your first love or even the first time you head about that day.

Kids of divorced parents or deceased partners, still have memories of how they saw the two of you in love one time. The relationship might have ended bitterly but most adults with self respect and respect for others, made it to not look like that, starting with not fighting or arguing in-front of their children.

Don’t teach your kids hate just because you got hurt, they don’t know what really went on behind closed doors. Let them know what made you happy, took your breath away, made you blush until the next day or is still making you blush even now when you think about it.

By writing those past moments, might even help you learn a thing or two about yourself and help you overcome your bitterness, disappointments and hurt. It might help you realize you don’t need to always be in a relationship, help you find your happiness again or even improve your presence in your current relationship.

Thank about it and good luck writing those memories, who knows maybe you might even turn them into the next bestseller.


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