I feel so empty, I got nothing

I feel nothing, I think nothing


No wait…say what now?

I am writing this

I am thinking these words

And words aren’t empty

But I…I…I feel so empty

Oh world please be quite

Be quite and let me have a moment

I breath in I breath out

And I do it again and again

I’m not empty

I am filled, filled to the brim

My heart still pumps

It fills my body with blood

Blood that is filled with oxygen

Oxygen that I…I filled in my lungs

Emptiness is not bad

Emptiness doesn’t mean dead end

I am here I breath in and out day and night

World take your noise cause it is taking up space in me

And I have to get out

I have to give ME to others

More than your noise take from me

I am not empty

I am here, I have always been here

I was once nine years old

Filled with dreams, hope, ambition, life, love, happiness

I am here and I am not empty

I was taught that all things have potential energy

I once was nine years old and I had potential

Oh yes I am still here

I breath in I breath out

World take your noise away

I am filled with potential

I love I laugh I smile I cry

I am filled to the brim

I dream I care I hurt I get hurt I give

I breath in I breath out

Emptiness you are not me

Emptiness you don’t own me

Emptiness you don’t rule me

Emptiness you are gone

I don’t want you

I am filled

I wrote this I turned my potential into passion

I wrote and I feel filled

I am filled to the brim




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