Episode 4: Leave me breathless

Sipho stood there for a good sixty seconds before her thought came back to her.

“Sis maan that is so untidy, why don’t you go to the bathroom for that, gaa maan!”

“Who are you to tell me that I can’t do this here? You don’t even know what it is that I’m washing off my hands. It’s not like I’m from the toilet or the dog’s house, I’m just rinsing some wine off my hands.”

Sipho was about to give him a piece of her mind, when he turned and looked straight into her eyes. For the first time ever she found herself speechless after a man talked to her in that way. Vuyo was the one thing she never thought of meeting at  their parties. There he was, standing at maybe 1.85m+ with those big wide shoulders, in his blue jeans and t-shit and no shoes. With his nice smooth chocolate skin and no facial hair and a bold head.

Oh my…and that deep sexy voice, oh…God must be missing one of his messengers. Oh brother…mmm…mmm…mmm!

“What, did you see an animal you’ve never seen?” that voice again and this time with a serious pulled face.

“Ahem…wa…huh…oh brother you can say that again, damn! I’m…I’m…I…SHIT! No I mean I am Siphokazi”

She was still staring at him and about to jump over the counter and all over him.

“Oh God…where on earth have you been? Oh mother! Finally my eight hours has come to me, but oh my…oh my…PLEASE HEAVEN HELP ME!”

She was not even aware that she was saying all these out loud.

“I never thought that I will ever see the day, the day that a woman will look at a man like some kind of meat on the braai stand waiting to tear it apart like a wild animal. Sorry sister, I don’t sleep around with people who think I am…”

She did not wait for him to finish what he was about to say, “Oh NO…NO…NO you are something else. What I’m actually looking at right now does not come anywhere near turning me on sexually. I don’t know what is it about your voice but oh my, it’s such a mental turn on. It says a lot bout you. I have been with men of all sorts, but you are something else. I’m Siphokazi by the way.”

“Ya I know, you said that twice now.”

“Oh I…I…I…”

He came around the island counter to just brush passed her. He stood behind her poured himself a glass of red wine that he had opened before Sipho came into the kitchen. All the while she was standing between his arms feeling his warm breath on her neck. She stood there taking deep breathes.

She felt all sorts of things inside her that she never knew were there. She could feel the vibrations of his voice rumbling inside her chest. She started grasping for air as her heart kept beating faster and faster, her body felt like it was loosing all its senses.

Her heart was beating so fast to the point that she could swear he felt if from where he was standing. She was into the unknowns of feeling human, her body wanted to run away, but still wanting to die right therein his big arms.



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