And it’s still Thursday

What a week this has been in a life of a beginner blogger, and yet it is still just Thursday, we have three more days till Monday. Like with any start up business, each day as a beginner blogger you ask yourself so many questions.

Do I have the staff people would want each day, did I check all the relevant boxes to get my products out in time, did I make the right decision in starting all this, who am I to even have people want to stop here and consume my staff time and time again?

You check, you google and recheck until you give yourself heart palpitations, and you convince yourself to just give up because it is not worth all the stress. You go back to your life of having so many questions and opinions on the world, but they are now all in your head, with no one to exchange them with.

I read somewhere where they said that talking to yourself is a sign of a healthy mind, but is it necessary all the time, when you can just do this?

You get bored and decide to come back to blogging. Start clicking on every link and topic that tells you how to get people to get to your site and stay longer, share your staff, re-blog them and all that and more. You spent hours on your screen but had forgotten one thing, you had not written one single word on your blog, not even a simple, “Hello guy I a new here and I have no idea what I am doing, please help.”

Just that one sentence can get you to the top of the pile on google and his friends.

Relax tell us about your dog, we still watch the Real Housewives of… Human just like hearing about other people’s lives, so I have head anyway. Your aim is to write and just like my maths teacher once told me, daily practice makes perfect, even though we are told that no one is perfect.

These are the lessons I learned this week, though it is STILL Thursday. So fellow fresh bloggers, just keep writing and I have faith that one of us will be the trending name come December. FORGET about stats and let your voice out!


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