Episode 3:Yet another girls party

Her mom gave her a list of the books she wanted ordered from the E-bookstore that Sipho co-founded with a friend. Sipho gave her mom a lift to work, at Steve Biko Academic Hospital, and went to her offices in Hatfield. She was the CFO of Mafa Capitalists and Auditors. After the usual morning group greetings, Mpho, her best friend, reminded her of their planned party for the weekend.

“It’s this weekend.”

“Could we talk about it during lunch please love?” Sipho said that as she waved presentation folders to Mpho and disappearing into her office.

Her friends had been planning a party at her bff’s place, just  to set her up with someone they thought might be able to capture her cold lone heart. That whole week Sipho was so busy, it was just by luck and thanks to Mpho, that she did not sleep at the office. If it was not for her mother’s daily routine of phoning her to remind her to eat healthy, she could have also forgotten to eat. Saturday morning Mpho phoned.

“You are still coming over right? Don’t tell me you are working on something cause I know for a fact that your schedule is clear this whole weekend.”

“Ya…ya…ya what is the big deal about this party anyway? What, are you announcing your engagement and an accidental pregnancy? What difference is it going to make if I am not there anyway? Mom said I have to sleep, what did you tell her?”

“Girlfriend! If it takes that I have to drag you out of that house, believe you me I will. You never have any fun, ever since you got that stupid director promotion promise in your head. What, we don’t do it for you anymore cause you think you are some top dog material these days?”

“No, I am not into socializing this weekend. I just thought that for once I listen to mom and rest, especially after the week we had. And besides I just feel like I owe myself some alone time.”

“I’ll come around to pick you up at 14:30 sharp, don’t be late or hide under the bed.”

“Okay I will be waiting and you know I hate waiting so be here at 14:30 exactly!”

At around 19:45, Siphokazi was already bored.

“Guys I don’t mean to be rude, but I think I’ll have an early night.”

“But you can’t leave yet, the night is just beginning,” said Puleng from behind her.

“Okay…okay…okay fine just stop begging like puppies, but I won’t be staying beyond 23:00. That is my cut off, no matter who says what.?

“Where is he?” Mpho whispered to Kediemetse

“He should have been here by now, so I don’t know” she replied in a whisper.

“Why  do I have to put up with this?” Sipho asked herself as she turned and made her way to the kitchen. She stood stirring at the open fridge. She finally took out a bottle of white wine, and when she closed the fridge door and turned around to look for a glass, she had to close her eyes twice just to make sure she was not asleep. He was washing his hands in the sink.


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