Episode 2: She is a man eater

Siphokazi set there for some time, then went back to finishing her report. Her eyes could not see anymore when she looked at the catch and it was 02:36 am.

“Goodness me, I have to present this in six hours and I have to be beautiful and sharp like an arrow. What am I doing to myself, this has to stop. But a glass of wine won’t kill me now, it is really needed here. Ah what the hell, I only get to live once so I will sleep when I am dead.”

She feel asleep after two glasses, but by 06:00 am she was already on her way to check on her mom before going to work. Most of her peers envied her success in the business world of the CFOs and COOs and all the other important Cs. But her male counterparts were somehow afraid of her, though they had such high respect for her work. They feared how she was able to make ruthless businessmen, who still believe that a woman’s place in this world is to have kids at home and cook; to see red and loose their companies to her in one meeting.

When Sipho walked into a room, she had that thing that made people want to listen to whatever she had to say. She stood just 1.56m tall with a creamy caramel skin and short black curly hair, but the confidence in her footsteps made you want to look and pay attention, before she said anything. Even after she had passed by, you would still look at that round lifted big behind of hers. It was as though God was on vacation stress free and took all the time just to sculpt her. She never wore make-up and always had one tear-drop earring on the left.Whenever asked why just one earring or if she had lost the other, she would just smile and say, “Now you will remember my face and not just my butt.”

What no one knew was the hidden memories of childhood scars that she was able to mask with all that ruthlessness.


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